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Our Ultimate Guide To Prep Your Hair For A New Year’s Eve Celebration

Our Ultimate Guide To Prep Your Hair For A New Year’s Eve Celebration


Just like your skin needs an extra helping of hydration on the colder days, so does your natural afro hair. During winter, your overall goal for your kinky hair should be to retain moisture, prevent breakage, and maintain curl definition. More importantly, you should adopt a haircare routine that makes it easier to prepare your hair before an end of year celebration. New Year’s Eve should be a special occasion to say goodbye to the old times and hello to the beautiful things ahead. But who wants to do it with dry, damaged afro hair? For this reason, we’ve prepared our ultimate guide to prep your afro curls before for the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations and to start a healthy hair care routine to go into the New Year.


Steam Your Curls At Least Twice A Month

Steaming is a much-needed process, especially in the winter months, as it makes it easier for afro hair products to penetrate the hair shaft. It can also boost moisture, improve circulation on your scalp and aid hair growth. If you don’t have a hair steamer at home, you can mimic this process by applying a conditioning treatment to your afro curls after washing. Then, placing a shower cap over your head. Next, soaking a towel in hot water, draining it of excess water, and wrapping it around your head. Leave the towel and shower cap on for around 20 to 30 minutes to let the moisturising product sink in. Finally, rinse this mixture off with cool water. If you are looking for an afro hair product with an abundance of moisture that will not weigh your kinky hair down, go for our
Leave-In Conditioner with Manuka Honey & Avocado Oil
 for your subsequent steaming treatment.


L.O.C The Moisture In



Unfortunately kinky hair is more prone to dryness as its texture makes it difficult for the scalp’s natural oils to travel down your strands towards your ends. That’s why paying more attention to your curls, especially your ends, is even more important in the colder months. So, make sure your afro hair has an epic New Year’s Eve by opting for the liquid, oil and cream (L.O.C) method of moisturising. With our Leave-In Conditioner with Manuka Honey & Avocado Oil being such a versatile product, you can use it as your first moisturising step after cleansing and conditioning your curls. Luckily, this mixture can help prepare your hair for any glamourous hairstyle, whether it is a high bun, twist out, or a frohawk.


Invest In A Regular Scalp Massage 

It would be a mistake to ignore your scalp before a New Year’s Eve celebration. This is because regularly massaging your scalp helps improve blood circulation which aids its natural sebum production. The growth of your curls can then be boosted, even in the winter months, as more oxygen and nutrients are brought to your hair follicles. Aim to massage your scalp for around 5 to 20 minutes. Ideally, you should start this massage before washing and conditioning your afro hair. But first begin mentally dividing your head into four to eight sections. Then lightly spray our Everyday Curl Refresh with Coconut & Jamaican Black Castor Oils on all parts of your scalp. Next, use your fingertips to massage the area around your temples before moving onto your scalp and, finally, the nape of your neck.


Get A Pre-Winter Trim

If you aim to trim your afro hair at least every six weeks, you will make your hair more manageable for any winter events you attend. For example, the last thing you want before a New Year’s Eve party is hair prone to split ends, knotting, and not easy to detangle. 


Keep Heat Styling To A Minimum

As your afro hair is more susceptible to breakage, dryness, and damage in the winter, excessive heat styling before your New Year’s Eve party will not help. Cut back on using these tools so that you need to make less effort with your curls during the winter. For instance, use a microfibre headwrap to dry your hair rather than a blow-dryer. 

Additionally, you can also lessen the amount of heat styling you need before New Year’s Eve by adopting a protective style like top knots or braids. Just remember to refresh your protective style every few weeks.


Eat Foods High In Vitamins And Minerals

In addition to drinking eight glasses of water a day, you also need to incorporate more nutritious food into your diet before New Year’s Eve. For example, almonds and turkey contain zinc and protein, encouraging healthier hair growth.

While most of us make resolutions after the New Year, let’s be different this time and end the year in the right way. When you have a good hair day, you will enjoy the festivities more. So, use some of the tips from our guide to ensure your New Year’s Eve celebration is a success.

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