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10 Tips That Will Save You Time Caring For Your Afro Hair This Winter

10 Tips That Will Save You Time Caring For Your Afro Hair This Winter


In addition to your regular schedule of work and family commitments during the winter months in the lead up to Christmas, you might also notice that you are having to adjust your afro hair care routine. Due to the colder weather, your curls can be stripped of its natural moisture and become more prone to breakage, dryness, and flakiness. To make it easier for you to care for your afro hair during the winter, we’ve provided you with ten time-saving tips.


Go For A Pre-Poo Option Before You Wash Your Hair

Consider a pre-poo treatment to care for and protect your curls during the washing process. This is the process of applying an oil or a conditioner to your afro hair before shampooing. Then the oil or conditioner can act as a protective layer that prevents moisture from being stripped from your hair. Pre-pooing can save you time as it helps make your hair's moisture last longer. If you are looking for a new pre-poo option, try our Leave-In Conditioner with Manuka Honey & Avocado Oil, which can provide you with surplus moisture and a lasting shine.


Steam Your Afro Hair Before The Washing Process

Get more value from your moisturising afro hair products by steaming your hair. Using steam can help manipulate how well your tresses absorb the moisture from the products you apply. To start this process, begin pre-pooing your hair with an oil or conditioner. Then soak a microfibre towel in hot water and squeeze out the excess water. Next, wrap this towel around your afro hair and leave it on for 20 minutes before shampooing.




Invest In A Good Leave-In Conditioner

A leave-in conditioner can also save you time caring for your curls. This is because it adds extra moisture to your strands and can make it easier to detangle, meaning that you spend less time worrying about and dealing with more breakage. It can also combat frizz, a more common occurrence during winter. Our leave-in conditioner with Manuka honey & avocado oil locks in moisture, reduces split ends, and improves the smoothness of your strands, all of which makes it easier to manage your kinky hair during winter.


Trim Your Ends

Avoid having to take care of drier hair during winter by scheduling a regular trim for your afro hair every few months. Regular trims can maintain your hair's natural curl pattern and help it grow, regardless of the cold weather.


Seal Your Ends

Once your ends have been trimmed, use an oil or a butter to seal the moisture in and protect them from the cold weather. You can get longer, moisture infused curls with ease, even in winter, with Curl Elongating Gel with Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater. To get longer curls without heat, all you have to do is finger curl each section of your hair with a small amount of this mixture.


Avoid Too Much Heat

While a flat iron and a blow-dryer can give you a more manageable look during winter, it is best to limit the use of these tools during this season. If your afro hair already suffers from dryness, using these tools can mean that you will contribute to your hair drying out quicker and will spend more time caring for your hair during the colder weather.



Use Silk To Solve Your Winter Woes

Knitted hats and scarves, although winter-friendly, will snag your afro curls and increase the likelihood of breakage. Avoid spending more time on split ends this season by using a silk cap on your hair before putting your knitted hat on. In that same way, use a thin silk scarf on the outside of your knitted scarf to prevent snagging.


Adopt The L.O.C method

If you want to keep your winter hair routine simple, use the liquid, oil and cream (L.O.C) method. The best benefit of this routine is that it aids moisture retention. Moisturised hair can lead to less breakage and shedding during winter.



Opt For A Milder Shampoo Method

Use a sulphate free shampoo during the winter to make dryness less of a common occurrence during the winter months. However, if you find that you are still spending a lot of time caring for brittle hair during this season, switch to a cleansing co-wash that can remove dirt and build-up from your afro hair without stripping away the moisture.


Nourish Your Hair and Body

Maintaining healthy hair during that winter starts with hydrating your body with water and a balanced set of nutrients. For example, you can get B vitamins like Biotin and Niacin by eating chicken which stimulates hair growth and makes your hair naturally strong. In addition, vegetables like broccoli can be a time saver for brittle hair in winter.

Developing a winter hair routine can help you save time caring for your afro hair. A step-by-step process using our tips above can ensure that your hair remains moisturised and doesn't fall victim to the various hassles of the winter weather.

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