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In Conversation With Our New Sofnfree Naturals Hair Ambassador, Rusheen Hemley!

In Conversation With Our New Sofnfree Naturals Hair Ambassador, Rusheen Hemley!



To celebrate the launch of our new range and to spread the love surrounding natural hair, we created the Free Your Curl Challenge. For this challenge we asked YOU to recreate one of the hairstyles from our beloved campaign advert to win a chance to become a Sofnfree Naturals Hair Ambassador!

We had some beautiful entries which made choosing our first Sofnfree Naturals Hair Ambassador a very difficult decision, but the wait is over.

We're now pleased to announce the winner of the Free Your Curl Challenge.


Introducing Rusheen Hemley!

We spoke with Rusheen to get to know her and for you to get to know her too! See our conversation below:


 1. Tell us more about who you are and what you do.

My name is Rusheen and I make create content about natural haircare. I’ve been doing it for 1 year and I’m glad that I finally discovered this passion of mine.

2. What’s one thing you love to do in your spare time?

Binge watch my favourite tv series and research about natural haircare. When I have time off work I love to travel.

3. What made you decide to enter into the Free Your Curl Challenge?

I tried a couple of the products from the brand and they worked well in my hair. I love natural haircare and thought it was a great opportunity for me to use the ambassadorship to educate others on natural haircare.


4. What was your relationship like with your hair when you were younger?

I hated getting my natural hair done. I remember asking my mum to do dreadlocks in my hair as it was less maintenance. Then as I got to my teenage years, I asked my mum for a relaxer and she did it. I liked having relaxed hair at the time because it was the norm. And it was easier to maintain my hair.

5. How would you describe your relationship with your hair now?

I love my hair. Simple.

6. What’s your haircare routine?

I don’t have a specific routine. I have a very busy schedule so I do my hair whenever I get time. When it comes to wash days, I assess my hair and then apply what my hair needs. 1 thing I always do is make sure that my hair is moisturised and sealed in between wash days. Do not let your hair get dry!

7. Nowadays we’re seeing more and more people embrace their natural hair, what are your thoughts on that?

I think it’s great seeing more people embracing their natural hair.

8. Name someone who inspires you.

I inspire myself. I have goals in life that I want to achieve and it’s down to me to motivate myself to do what I love and achieve my goals.

9. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Love yourself. Everyone has flaws and insecurities.

10. Do you have any words of encouragement for young black girls who would like to rock their fro’s but are scared to go for it?

My advice is to do what makes you feel comfortable. Whether that’s rocking natural hair or relaxed hair. Do what YOU want to do with YOUR hair. Do not feel pressured to follow trends. However, if you are curious about rocking your natural hair, you have to be 100% sure about your decision as caring for your natural hair for the first time can be challenging.


Check out Rusheen! @rusheenshair


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