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5 Ways To Work Out With Your Curls

5 Ways To Work Out With Your Curls


Exercise can be great for afro hair as it increases the blood flow, which improves hair growth. However, are you one of those black women who find it challenging to work out regularly because of your afro hair? This might be because sweat can dry your hair out, which then leads to breakage. All in all, this means that you are left with hair which won't grow as much as it could. 

Fortunately, there are simple ways to avoid this from happening; a worry-free hair care routine that is in sync with your workout. So here are our five easy ways to work out with your curls, with needing to worry about sweat ruining it.


Use A Leave-In Treatment And/Or Oils To Keep The Moisture In 

As sweat can dry your hair out quickly. this means that before going to the gym you need to use products that hydrate your afro hair. Oils work best on your hair when damp and will prevent your ends from becoming brittle when exercising. 

If you don’t have a pre-workout conditioning regime for your afro hair yet, why not start this process with our leave-in treatment with avocado oil and manuka honey? Avocado oil contains moisturising properties, while manuka honey can treat split ends and a dry scalp. 




Fit Your Workout Around Your Kinky Hair

To make sticking to a workout hair care routine easier, schedule washes and conditioning sessions around certain types of workouts. For instance, you could incorporate more cardio into your workouts on Thursday and Friday so that you can wash your hair after this. In this way, you can treat yourself to freshly washed hair over the weekend. 

After you put in a leave-in conditioner, you could also use this opportunity to steam your afro curls. Once you finish your gym session, you can let steam seep into your strands for around 15 to 20 minutes to get softer, more moisturised hair. The longer you stay in a routine, the easier it is to gauge when your hair needs more moisture or needs to be washed.


Remember To Wash Your Hair Regularly 

Depending on how often you workout and how much you sweat, you should aim to wash your hair with a sulphate-free shampoo every 7-10 days. Don’t wash your afro hair every day as you could risk stripping it of its essential, natural moisture. To touch up your curls between washes, go for our curl elongating gel with flaxseed oil and rosewater which can give your afro hair natural definition. 


Adopt A Go-To Protective Gym Hairstyle

Whether you are a swimmer, runner, or cross-fit enthusiast, there are multiple protective afro hairstyles for you to try out. For instance, if you do a lot of HIT, kickboxing or cardio workouts, a cornrow will suit you as it will keep the hair away from your face and in place while exercising. If you enjoy Zumba or dance classes, you could try high or low space buns for that cute retro vibe.




Stop Letting Your Afro Hair Get In The Way Of Your Workout 

Working out not only has positive effects on your body, but also your mind. It can help you take a breather from the stress of everyday life and empower you to get fitter. 

It will take time to find your ideal workout hair care routine so try out our 5 suggestions that we feel are vital for any healthy hair regime, and see what works for you. In short, your hair does not have to stop you from working out. You just need to plan how to look after it regardless of what life throws at you.


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