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Men: Here’s How To Keep Your Hair Hydrated Between Washes

Men: Here’s How To Keep Your Hair Hydrated Between Washes


It might feel impossible to understand how you can maintain freshly washed Afro hair for a while before the next wash day comes up. Most men find it difficult to put in a lot of effort to maintain healthier curls for longer. So it can be disappointing if the benefits of the wash day does not last for very long.

The longevity of benefits of washed hair depends on the products you use, scalp health, the weather and any workouts you do. You might also discover that the hot weather can dry out your curls during the warmer months. This effect means that it is more necessary to create a routine to keep your Afro hair refreshed and maintained between washes. So, here are our simple ways to maintain your kinky curls in between wash days.


Use Natural Afro Hair Products

One of the best things you can do for your natural hair is to switch to plant-based products which do not contain harmful ingredients like sulphates. These types of products, like our water-based range, include natural ingredients like avocado oil, honey, rosewater, coconut oil and castor oil which can improve hair growth and remove product build-up without stripping your hair of its natural moisture. For example, our Hydration Shampoo With Manuka Honey can maintain your Afro hair in between washes as it nourishes and cleanses it from root to tip, leaving your hair tangle-free and smooth.

Then, to seal the moisture from your shampooing process, opt for our Moisture Rich Conditioner with Manuka Honey & Avocado, which is extremely hydrating, treats split ends and dry scalps, and improves the elasticity of your natural hair. Lastly, no wash day routine is complete using our Leave-In Conditioner With Manuka Honey & Avocado Oil. By applying just a small amount of this mixture to your Afro hair daily and brushing it using a wide-toothed comb, you can help maintain the shine and smoothness of your strands for longer.



Adopt The L.O.C. Method To Maintain Hydrated Hair When Styling

Your freshly washed hair will benefit from natural styling products to keep the moisture in your Afro curls for longer. Once you have used our lightweight leave-in conditioner as the first step of this process, opt for an oil-based styling cream to shape and define your texture. Our Curling Crème With Coconut and Jamaican Black Castor Oils does precisely this as it provides your natural hair with volume and shine without making it greasy or weighing your curls down. You need to apply a generous amount of this mixture from your roots to your ends on wet hair for best results.


Keep In Line With A Balanced Diet

If you want healthier, moisturised hair that is less prone to dryness between washes, consume foods that can help it stay strong and hydrated. For example, vegetables like broccoli and spinach can act as a natural conditioner for your Afro hair as it helps produce more natural oils. In addition, kidney beans and lentils contain hair growth properties such as iron, biotin and zinc. Lastly, fatty fish, flaxseed and walnuts can improve the health of your scalp as they can tame any inflammation in between washes.


Go For A Protective Style

Low manipulation looks or protective styles like twists, braids and cornrows can be useful for your natural hair regime to keep your hair clean and moisturised for around 6-8 weeks. While these styles keep tangles at bay and can allow you to pay less attention to your hair, it is still important to maintain a cleaning and conditioning routine when using a protective style. Before putting your hair into a style, consider using our Curling Mousse With Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater to keep your style conditioned for longer.



Cover It Up Before Sleeping

All the hard work of your wash day routine can simply go in vain if you sleep on a cotton pillowcase at night. So instead, swap your super absorbent cotton pillowcase for a satin one to keep the moisture intact in your hair. You could also get yourself a durag to lock the hydration in.

While maintaining moisturised hair during washes is about using the right products, you also need to eliminate additional products that do not favour your natural hair. Keep your hair routine simple to achieve hydrated hair for longer and so that you can do better things with your day.


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