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How To Build A Simple Wash Day Routine For Your Curly, Afro Hair

How To Build A Simple Wash Day Routine For Your Curly, Afro Hair


The wash day routine is different for every hair type, especially if you have afro curls. So to help you create your perfect afro hair care routine, here are our recommended steps for an easy wash day experience with products for natural hair that will help accentuate your kinky curls.


Get A Clean Scalp With A Sulphate-Free Shampoo

Start your wash day with our gentle Sulphate-Free Shampoo to remove product build-up and encourage blood circulation on your scalp. Squeeze a generous amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand and massage into wet hair.  

Use your fingers to create a gentle circular motion in several places on your scalp to stimulate blood flow, then rinse thoroughly and repeat the shampooing process. Our Manuka Honey formula will be beneficial if you suffer from a dry scalp or hair loss.



Condition To Improve Moisture Retention And Detangling

After your afro hair has been cleansed, use a moisturising conditioner that not only seals in the moisture but also helps to increase curl elasticity. 

Start your detangling and conditioning process with our Moisturising Conditioner. Once you have applied the conditioner to your kinky hair, start detangling from your ends and finish the process at your roots. It's best to detangle with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. After you have completed the detangling and conditioning process, wash the mixture out. Do not leave it in your afro curls for longer than needed, as this will weaken your hair. After this, opt for our Leave-In Conditioner which can help you retain moisture and reduce frizz and split ends.




Avoid Heat By Drying Your Afro Hair With A Microfibre Towel 

As opposed to using a hairdryer, a microfibre towel is much kinder to your natural hair so that it remains softer and stronger in the future. So, after applying our Leave-In Conditioner to your damp afro curls, wrap it in a microfibre towel to get rid of the excess water and reduce the likelihood of frizz. 

You can lose water from your hair very quickly, and so our blend of manuka honey and avocado oil can penetrate the shaft so that your curls feel smooth, sleek and moisturised after the washing process. When your afro hair remains moisturised, you can also reduce breakage and hair loss.


Use Moisturising Products To Style And Protect Your Afro Curls

Before choosing styling products for your hair, make sure that they align with your hair goals, an example being a retention of moisture. So, if this is a priority for you, opt for our Curling Mousse. This mousse can help you achieve defined curls, coils, waves, and twist outs while keeping your hair moisturised, soft, and conditioned at the same time.



If you want to stretch your afro hair naturally without using heating tools, you will benefit from our Curl Elongating Gel. This gel defies shrinkage and maintains a no-crunch shine. To revive your afro curls daily, you can use a light spray of our Everyday Curl Refresh to keep the moisture in your roots and ends.

Once you establish a wash day routine, you will feel better about taking care of and sporting a natural hair look when in public. Additionally, having a robust washday routine can also improve the moisture levels of your hair, encouraging longer curls with reduced breakage or shedding. 

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