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Switch Up Your Spring Haircare Regime Using These Top Four Products

Switch Up Your Spring Haircare Regime Using These Top Four Products



While you might be excited that Spring means that you are free of the harsh winter weather, it can still be a difficult time for natural hair. The weather still has not made its mind up with some days being hot and the other times cold. This results in most office buildings still keeping their heating on. Indoor heating coupled with the wet, indecisive weather can make maintaining your afro hair in spring tricky. So, we’ve compiled a list of four of the products that we feel will make caring for kinky hair during spring easier.

Leave-In Conditioner With Manuka Honey & Avocado Oil

As leave-in conditioners are lighter in their formula, they can give your afro hair a much-needed moisture boost without weighing them down. So even if your regular conditioner is not working hard enough, you are still left with hydrated natural hair for Spring. More importantly, our leave-in conditioner will reduce frizz and smoothen your kinky curls, making them easier to detangle. Honey, which is one of the ingredients in this product, can also naturally moisturise hair and help smooth the cuticles of your hair so that frizz is reduced, but your natural shine is maintained.

Honey also possesses anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, meaning bacteria, fungus and itching are kept at bay for the spring months. Honey also perfectly complements the other ingredient, avocado oil, as it is an ideal natural ingredient for dry hair, consisting of vitamins A, D, E and B6. Avocado oil can also strengthen, moisturise and nourish your afro hair. It consists of monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and phytosterols, which can protect your curls from environmental damage due to the spring climate. More importantly, manuka honey and avocado oil work together to repair a damaged scalp or hair and act as a natural sunscreen for your kinky curls, thereby protecting them from UV rays.



Curl Elongation Gel With Flaxseed Oil And Rosewater

If you want to stretch your natural curls this spring without the continual use of heating tools, try our curl elongating gel. While heating tools can expose your afro to even more heat as the weather gets warmer, our gel will protect it from more breakage as it can naturally elongate your curls while keeping them moisturised between wash days. One of its ingredients is flaxseed oil which can help make unruly kinky curls more manageable as it can fight frizz and softens strands. In addition, as flaxseed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, it can also reverse the damage caused by UV rays and prevent a dry scalp. Rosewater, the other ingredient in this gel, can also tame frizz, strengthen your afro hair, and hydrate your curls.

Hydration Shampoo With Manuka Honey

As part of your wash day routine, it is best to use a shampoo that is free from sulphates. This is because sulphates can strip the natural oils from your afro hair, making your afro curls drier and more unmanageable in warmer weather. Instead, use a hydrating shampoo like ours, which can cleanse and condition your scalp simultaneously due to the manuka honey ingredient. In addition, as it contains anti-microbial properties, it can get rid of any impurities. Moreover, product build-up is not allowed to create a barrier between the scalp and its much-needed sources of moisture and nutrients from the other natural products you use.


Everyday Curl Refresh With Coconut And Jamaican Black Castor Oils

Are you looking for a lightweight mixture to refresh your curls during the week? Try our curl refresh mixture with Jamaican castor oil and coconut oil to seal the moisture until your next wash day. Castor oil and coconut oil work well together as the fatty acids in them can restore dry or broken afro hair and help your hair grow thicker. When using this mixture daily, you only need to use a light spray as a few oils can go a long way.

Regardless of the weather changes, your curly hair routine should always consist of a moisturising product, something to keep your afro curls shiny and an oil-based product to repair and revive brittle hair. Luckily, all our natural water-based products have these qualities, and more so, you can continue to maintain your afro hair with confidence.

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