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How To Protect Curly Hair When Working Out

How To Protect Curly Hair When Working Out

Curly hair knows how to get thirsty real quick (ain’t that the truth). But washing your hair every day can make those beautiful curls even drier than the Sahara. However, did you know that sweat, while important for keeping active and benefiting your mental and physical health, can actually pose a challenge for those with curly hair? 

Here's the kicker: Sweat contains a lot of salt, and if it stays on your scalp and hair for too long, your lovely curls and scalp might become parched. But no worries, we've got your back with some killer tips to keep that sweat in check and keep your curly hair looking fly and healthy. So get ready to rock that active lifestyle while keeping your hair and scalp on point!


1. Find Ways To Contain Sweat

When you're gettin' your sweat on, rockin' that workout, you've got to keep those curls in check, right? Get yourself a dope silk-lined headband. It will shield your curls from all that sweat and friction, help lock in that moisture, and prevent nasty tangles and hair breakage. Trust me, it's a game-changer for your hair game!

Additionally, you should drink plenty of water before, during, and after workouts. It's a good idea for improving the health of your hair and causing less sweat in the first place, in addition to being a good idea for your overall health. You will sweat less if you drink enough water since your body will be cooler.


2. Keep Your Curly Hair Away From Your Face
Try low-manipulation protective hairstyles like low buns, low ponytails, braids, or any other style that gets your hair out of your face, which is one way to keep you feeling cool and prevent sweat from reaching your curls. 


If you want to avoid tension around your hairline, steer clear of tight hairstyles, okay? Don't go yanking your hair with elastic bands either, because that will lead to breakage. Grab yourself some scrunchies instead, they're way gentler on your curls. Trust me, your hair will thank you for it!

3. Develop A Routine To Refresh Your Hair After A Workout

You can hardly stop sweat from running down your forehead during hot summer days or a challenging workout. So waiting until the next wash day to wash your curls might not be a good idea.

Try co-washing rather than waiting it out (and possibly feeling itchy). This technique uses a conditioner to wash and condition your curly hair without shampoo. Co-washing can help your hair get clean without a shampoo, add moisture, reduce frizz, and simplify styling as it helps define and hydrate your curls. A wash with conditioner also improves hair growth by restoring dry, brittle hair.

However, be aware of the risks associated with co-washing your hair, as the accumulation of dirt causes an itchy scalp and product build-up and, in time, develops a barrier that keeps moisture out of your curls.

Establish a wash day (and possibly clarifying) plan that is most effective for your hair. Instead of continuously applying more product, take the time to wash it off. For instance, Sofnfree’s Hydrating Shampoo With Manuka Honey can cleanse your scalp without removing its natural oils, while our conditioner restores your curly hair’s moisture, body, and shine.   

Applying a leave-in conditioner is a great solution when you want to add moisture to your hair after working out but want to do something other than washing your curly hair. Your hair can receive moisture with a water-based conditioner, like ours with manuka honey and avocado oil, without causing product buildup. 


4. Don't Forget About Your Scalp

Every curly hair specialist will advise you to avoid washing your hair daily. Simply put, it's excessive for curly hair.  However, you want to care for your scalp if you exercise and sweat a lot.

Before shampooing on your wash day, apply a moisturising scalp oil directly to your scalp as a pre-poo. You could also use this moment to give yourself a soothing scalp massage. Then, remove product build-up by massaging your shampoo into your scalp. 

You may also try exfoliating your scalp with a mask at least once a month to prevent sweat (and product accumulation) from clogging your pores. It will soothe your scalp as well as assist in preventing sweat from irritating it. 

Washing your curly hair on every occasion after a sweaty workout can be time-consuming and increase the likelihood of problems like split ends and breakage. Use our hair care tips to protect your hair whilst exercising. 

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