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Five Ways To Get A Healthier Scalp

Five Ways To Get A Healthier Scalp




Hands up if, like us, you spend more money looking after your curly hair than your scalp. Mainly as your curls get noticed first, right? The problem is that your scalp is responsible for growing healthier hair, so it’s more important than your actual strands. When you start looking after your scalp, you can also reduce hair loss (goodbye clogged drain) which is what most women with natural hair experience.

We're not just saying all of this for the sake o it. When you start caring for your scalps, you see in an improvement in the dryness and itchiness, and you may even experience some growth. So, to help you put together your very own at-home scalp TLC system, we've put together the best ways to give your scalp its best glow-up yet. 

Get Hydrated With Low-Foam Shampoo

When you possess beautiful curls & coils, you can keep it looking healthier and frizz-free by allowing it to get as much moisture as possible. So, the worst thing you can do is use a traditional shampoo with Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) because, as an ingredient, it drains the moisture from your hair.

Thankfully, our Manuka Honey hydration shampoo is free from SLS but can still clean and hydrate your curly hair, leaving it anything but parched. Even though this shampoo is gentle on your scalp, you only need to use it once to twice a week to avoid over washing. Then, a clarifying shampoo can be used once a month, saving you from spending more money on your wash day.



Condition Using Lighter Products

Your scalp will already have too much going on as it will be prone to excess oils, dead skin cells, and product residue. So, you need to steer clear of any products that will cause any more of a build-up with nasties, like colourants, mineral oils, Parabens, and petroleum. While our Leave-In Conditioner is typically used to seal moisture on your wash day, a pint-sized amount can also be used between wash days to allow your curls and scalp to keep their swag throughout the week. Our Moisture-Rich conditioner, avoids these ingredients, giving your curls & coils the moisture, body, shine and definition it needs without weighing them down.

While our, Leave-In Conditioner is typically used to seal moisture on your wash day, you can use it in between wash days to allow your hair and scalp to keep their swag throughout the week. 

Steam Baby Steam

While a detoxing scrub could be your best friend, it's not the gentlest option TBH, if your scalp is already inflamed. Luckily, your sensitive scalp will love a steam treatment using a deep conditioner to bring it back to life. If you cannot afford a hair steamer, why not try the shower cap method?



Be Real About Heat Styling

 It is said that heat styling can be a great way to achieve a desired hairstyle. But, let's be honest these looks achieved from heat will eventually not bode well for your scalp. Sometimes limiting the use of heat styling will do your hair some good. You can get the hairstyle you want without heat! Whether it's that sleek middle parting bun or the braided ponytail! Your hair will still look snatched regardless.



Keep It On Point With A Scalp Massage

Self-care is so underrated nowadays, and we don’t know about y’all, but it doesn’t get any better than a quiet moment of relaxing with natural oils.

All you need to do is massage it into your scalp for around 10 minutes. This will help you achieve a healthier scalp if consistent, but you will also feel calmer. Try it before your wash day if you’re wondering when to fit this into your routine.    

It’s easy to get a healthier-looking scalp when you stay consistent with your routine. Most importantly, your scalp will thank you for using lighter products that do not leave a residue. So, from that point on, it will all be Gucci.   

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