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Pixie Diffusing: A Step-By-Step Guide

Pixie Diffusing: A Step-By-Step Guide

The struggle of managing your hair can be overwhelming. But guess what? You're in luck! Thanks to all those awesome curly hair enthusiasts and the magical land of TikTok, we've got some game-changing tips to keep your hair on point. One technique you've gotta try is diffusing. It's all about using a diffuser or a diffusing attachment with your trusty blow dryer to dry your hair while adding some serious volume gently. 

Now, there are many diffusing techniques, like hammock diffusing (using a silk scarf to hold your hair in place while drying it), but let me put you onto something cool. Pixie diffusing has been blowing up on TikTok, and don't worry, it works for any hair length, not just pixies! So get ready to level up your hair game and rock those beautiful curls like a boss!

What Is Pixie Diffusing?

This hair-drying method is best suited to curly or wavy hair, regardless of the length of your hair. Pixie diffusing is a technique that promotes the appearance of the hair's natural curly texture. Drying your hair using a diffuser attachment on a blow dryer will help you get better definition, more volume, and less frizz.


What Are The Benefits Of Pixie Diffusing?

The low-heat, low-speed technique first reduces frizz. Additionally, the diffuser’s delicate and focused movements aid in maintaining the curl pattern of the hair and promoting the formation of waves and curls that are more clearly defined

Pixie diffusing can take your hair game to the next level, as you have to flip your hair upside down while drying it. You can concentrate that heat on your scalp, giving you some major body and bounce that other drying methods can't match. Trust me, it will have your hair looking full of life! 


How Do You Pixie Diffuse Curly Hair Step By Step?

1. Begin With Freshly Washed And Conditioned Hair

Starting in the shower, wash and condition your hair as usual. Cleanse and revitalise your curly hair with Sofnfree's Hydration Shampoo With Manuka Honey without removing any natural moisture. When used in conjunction with our Moisture-Rich Conditioner With Manuka Honey And Avocado, it can aid in detangling in the shower and helps to lock in moisture to keep your curls defined and bouncy. Apply our Leave-In Conditioner With Manuka Honey And Avocado Oil as soon as you step outside of the shower to enhance the smoothness of your curls and keep them shinier for longer. To improve curl definition and lengthen curls, apply Sofnfree's Curl Elongating Gel With Flaxseed Oil And Rosewater before using the diffuser.


2. Use The Diffuser On A Low Heat Setting

Grab your diffuser now, or if using a hair dryer for this drying technique, ensure you use a hair dryer diffuser attachment with it. But remember to slap' on that heat protectant before you work that diffuser magic. Trust me, it will be your hair's BFF and shield those precious strands from all that heat damage. Then, turn your head upside down, gather a portion of hair in the diffuser bowl, and hold it close to your scalp before turning it on. By doing this, you can add volume to your hair and make sure you reach your roots. Then, hold it in that position while keeping your hair dryer on a low heat and drying setting.  

3. Work In Sections To Reduce Frizz

When the diffusing process for the first section of hair has finished, turn off the diffuser before taking your curly hair out of the bowl. This tip will stop your hair from moving around and developing flyaways. Then, another section of your hair should be gathered into the diffuser bowl. Next, the hair dryer should be turned on and held against your scalp for thirty seconds, after which the dryer should be turned off before releasing that section of your hair. Continue doing this until your hair is 80% dry in all areas, and then air dry until completely dry before the next step.


4. Use Your Fingers To Gently Fluff Out Your Roots

To encourage greater volume and flexibility, hold the diffuser at your roots. Then, flip your hair back and blow-dry the front of your hair while keeping the diffuser on. Use your fingers to gently fluff out the hair at your roots, being careful not to comb your fingers through your curls.

5. Finish The Process With A Hair Oil Or Smoothing Serum

Since it is dry, apply a hair oil or smoothing cream on your curls or coils. This will make your hair softer and help break up any coating the styling products have left on your hair.

Pixie diffusing can minimise frizz while increasing the volume of your curls, which is quite important to most people after a wash day. In addition to keeping your curls intact, it can expedite the entire drying process (compared to only using air drying). 

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