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The Benefits of Flaxseed Oil For Curly Hair

The Benefits of Flaxseed Oil For Curly Hair



While there is no doubt that you understand the importance of eating a healthy diet, it isn’t always easy to do in practice. So naturally, slices of pepperoni pizza will be more appealing than a balanced salmon stir-fry, even when you know you will regret your decision in the morning! So, to make sticking to a haircare routine easier, you will want products that nourish your natural hair with minimal effort needed during the week. This is why it is important to understand how natural ingredients like flaxseeds make it easier to care for your curls. This article will discuss the advantages of flaxseed oil and how it can help moisturise and protect your curls or coils.    

Hydrates And Strengthens Curly Hair

While protein is a necessary part of a balanced diet, so are oils that can create healthy, shinier curls. For example, flaxseed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients like magnesium, copper, and vitamin B, making your natural hair shinier and stronger. In addition, when your curly hair strands are moisturised, they are less likely to suffer from breakage, split ends, and frizz. This is a reason to celebrate, as this oil can make it easier to manage your natural hair.

Speaking of manageable, if you want a better wash day routine to encourage hydrated hair for longer, start the process with our Hydration Shampoo. This mixture infused with manuka honey can moisturise and cleanse your curls simultaneously to remain smooth and soft. In addition, our Moisture-Rich Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner can lock in moisture for longer and improve elasticity and flexibility.

And that’s not all. Our leave-in conditioner can also prepare your curly hair for blow drying or a silk press and adds shine daily, even with a small amount of the product.


Reduces Various Scalp Issues

Would you like to say goodbye to recurring, time-consuming scalp issues like dryness, dandruff, or an itchy scalp? While these issues can start on a smaller scale, if left untreated for a more significant period, these minor problems can turn into long-term conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Thankfully, the ingredients in flaxseed oil can help reduce these irritations and soothe your scalp, even with something as simple as a scalp massage. All you need to do is massage it onto your scalp just before your wash day, leave it on for around 20 to 30 minutes (maybe crush that workout in the meantime!), and then rinse off.


Holds And Defines Your Curls

When flaxseed oil is an ingredient in a gel, it can make your curly hair more manageable and offer hold and definition without the scrunchy feeling. Our Curl Elongating Gel With Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater can provide this definition and shine without causing flaking. After applying it to your curls with your fingertips, you can let your hair air dry naturally or use a hooded dryer to use this gel best. Even more, this gel won’t weigh your curls down and is free from harmful ingredients like sulphates, parabens, and mineral oils that can damage your scalp and strands. 

Makes It Easier To Create And Change Your Protective Style

The last thing you need to be worried about when adopting a new protective style is whether your curls can remain moisturised while in style. Our Curling Mousse With Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater can create curls, waves, coils, and twist-outs when applied from root to tip on wet or dry natural hair. This type of product also allows you to get a more voluminous style without using a healing tool. When less heat is applied to your curls, you can naturally encourage less hair loss and better regrowth. Finally, let’s not forget that the rosewater ingredient also contains vitamins A, C, and D, which can inject life back into your curly strands.


Making a conscious decision to choose natural ingredients for your curly hair will ensure that your curls are always cared for well after the initial use. You can also help the benefits of flaxseed oil work more efficiently for your curls by incorporating flaxseeds within your diet. For example, Flaxseeds could be sprinkled over your breakfast oats, lunchtime yogurt snack, or baked into delicious cookies.

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