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6 Of The Quickest Transitioning Hairstyles For Your Natural Hair

6 Of The Quickest Transitioning Hairstyles For Your Natural Hair


Coming up with a hairstyle during the transitioning period from relaxed to natural hair can be challenging. You are trying to find a presentable hairstyle that allows you to blend your straight ends with your curly roots. To help you feel confident in your afro hair while going through what can be an awkward phase, here are six of our favourite transitioning hairstyles that can quickly style your afro hair and make this change a breeze.


If you've become adept at braiding your afro hair, try cornrows. After shampooing and conditioning your afro curls with our Hydration Shampoo and Moisture Rich Conditioner, use our Curl Elongating Gel with Flaxseed Oil And Rosewater to stretch your curls naturally. All these products have nourishing ingredients that keep your curly hair healthy and hydrated.

To lock moisture in your style from all these products, add a small amount of our Leave-In Conditioner With Manuka Honey And Avocado Oil. To start the cornrow process, you need to pick sections of your hair at the scalp. Then, use a section to create two three-strand braids along the top of your scalp. Once you have finished this style, protect it daily with a light spray of our Everyday Curl Refresh With Coconut & Jamaican Black Castor Oils. You can also use cornrows as a base style before putting on a wig or a weave.


Chignons, top knots and buns are an elegant way to style transitioning afro hair as it does not put too much tension on your curls. Start by pulling your hair into a high or low ponytail with our Curling Mousse With Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater to give this style hold and keep it conditioned and soft. You can also use this mixture to protect your edges in this style. Remember that most protective styles like these have a short lifespan, so do not opt for this look every day of the week to avoid thinning your afro hair around its edges




Faux Locs

If you are looking for another low manipulation transitioning style, choose faux locs extensions. These types of extensions can be installed at a salon or by you at home. After choosing your preferred loc style, section your afro curls and attach the locs at your roots. Next, weave each loc to conceal your natural hair. When cleansing your locs, use a sulphate-free shampoo and a nourishing conditioner like ours. Then opt for a microfibre towel to try your locs as these will be kinder to your extensions and help soak up any excess water.  


Many variations on a two-strand twist are ideal as a transitioning hairstyle. These include Marley twists which involves braiding hair extensions with your natural hair when twisting to help your protective style last for as long as six weeks. Additionally, you could try mini twists, which are formed by creating smaller, tighter twists. For best results with this style, use our Leave-In Conditioner to detangle your afro hair after washing and conditioning it. Then style your hair into twists using our Curling Creme With Coconut And Jamaican Black Castor Oils to give your curls more definition and bounce.





Wet Sets

Magnetic rollers like Flexi-rods, perm rods or Curlformers can help you control how curly you want your afro hairstyle. This style can help your relaxed hair match your new curly hair growth, which is ideal when transitioning. To start, put your dry hair into sections. Then, apply our curling mousse to your curls and wind it around your preferred roller type. To hold your afro hair in place as it curls, you need to bend the ends of your magnetic roller inwards. After keeping these rollers in place for at least three hours, take them out and use your fingers to divide your curls.

Pineapple Puff

Looking for a transitioning style that does not take much time in the mornings? Then, try a pineapple. Start by combing a small amount of our curling mousse through your afro hair to form a high ponytail. Then, hydrate your ends using our curling crème to prevent split ends and to help promote natural hair growth.

Transitioning from your chemically altered hair will take time, meaning you should not worry if you do not regain your natural texture immediately. To make this process easier on yourself, try out any of these transitioning hairstyles in this article so that you can be patient with your afro curls.

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