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Our 6 Steps To Help Your Edges Grow Back Quicker

Our 6 Steps To Help Your Edges Grow Back Quicker


Your baby hairs and edges completes your afro hairstyle as it frames your face. So it's disappointing when your edges start thinning or breaking over time. This is not a reason to worry as there are ways to restore your edges. So if you do have damaged edges, follow our six steps to help you grow them back quicker.


Include Your Edges In Your Moisturising Haircare Routine 

Establish a curly natural hair moisturising routine that simultaneously improves hydration levels and saves you time caring for your curls. Remember that moisture can only penetrate your scalp and strands if you remove build-up and excess oils. While regular shampoos can strip your afro hair of essential oils, our sulphate-free Hydration Shampoo with Manuka honey does the opposite. Its natural ingredients gently cleanse your strands from your scalp to your ends to replenish its moisture levels and begin the work to repair your edges. 


Continue your hydration routine by applying our moisture-rich conditioner with Manuka honey & avocado to prevent hair loss and improve hair growth. Finally, use our leave-in conditioner with Manuka honey & avocado oil to add shine and improve hydration levels for your hair. If your hair becomes dehydrated during the week, you can also use this mixture to top up moisture levels in between washes.


Wrap It Up Before Going To Bed 

Show your edges that you care for them by wrapping them in a bonnet or silk/satin scarf before sleeping at night. This type of fabric can prevent friction with your pillowcase.


Gently Brush Your Kinky Natural Hair

Avoid weakening your baby hairs by brushing over your edges with a soft bristle brush or a toothbrush. In this way, you can gently smooth your edges down when brushing your hair. You can also use your finger or a wide-tooth comb to avoid breakage. Be kinder to your stands by adopting our everyday curl refresh with coconut & Jamaican black castor oils just before you brush your afro hair every day.




Limit Your Use Of Heat Tools 

When you use heat tools like blow dryers, curling irons or hair straighteners on your edges too often it can result in them breaking off. This could be the case even if you use a heat protectant spray, as excessive use of heat is never a good thing. So, instead, stretch your curls naturally using our Curl Elongating Gel with flaxseed oil and & rosewater. A generous amount of this mixture applied to each section of your natural hair can reduce dandruff and excess oil while softening your curls and encouraging new hair growth.


You Are What You Eat

Your edges need a balanced amount of vitamins, minerals, and protein to stay healthy and strong. You can start off by choosing either chicken, fish or turkey dishes during the week to consume enough protein. Next, vegetables such as broccoli, kale and spinach to improve the blood supply to your hair follicles stimulating new hair growth. In conjunction with the iron-rich foods above, you can also consume foods with vitamin C like kiwis and blueberries, which aids in the production of collagen.


Stay Away From Tight Hairstyles

Avoid hairstyles that put too much pressure on your afro hair. As well as tight ponytails, you also need to ensure that your protective styles do not put any tension on your edges, resulting in a dry or bumpy scalp. So to put less pressure on your edges, you can try protective styles like traditional cornrows, which start an inch behind the perimeter of your hair and places less tension on your edges. 

Additionally, you could try a Havana twist, a shorter version of a Senegalese twist. This type of twist also does not begin with a knot or a tight braided base, meaning that there is no pressure on your edges. 




There is no magic solution to repairing your edges once damaged but, by following the steps in this article, you can help your edges grow back thicker in time.

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