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Men: Here’s 7 Ways To Bring Your Curls Back To Life

Men: Here’s 7 Ways To Bring Your Curls Back To Life




Has your curly crown lost its mojo, leaving you staring in the mirror at a sad spectacle of defeated spirals? We feel you. It's like watching a once-thriving rainforest wither into a dry desert, right? Your frustration is totally understood - maintaining a lustrous mane is no joke, especially when you're ballin' on a budget. Fear not, style-conscious gents, because we've got your back. Prepare to unleash the vibrant versatility of your curls with these seven budget-friendly, foolproof ways to rejuvenate your tresses. Ready to regain your hair’s glorious bounce? Let’s roll.


Ditch the Shampoo

Wait, what? Hear us out. Traditional shampoos can strip your hair of natural oils, leaving your curls dry and frizzy. Look for cleansing conditioners or co-washes (that’s short for conditioner washing), which clean your hair without robbing it of moisture. But remember, moderation is key when co-washing, as too much could lead to product build-up. 

When you're hunting for a gentle shampoo that works best on your gorgeous curls, you have to keep two things in mind: moisture and kicking frizz's butt! So, let's kickstart this routine with a bomb curl shampoo and conditioner that'll give your hair a light and bouncy hydration boost while keeping those curls and waves strong and on point!

If you’re looking for suggestions, start with our Hydration Shampoo to gently remove any product build-up and dirt without removing your scalp’s natural moisture. Our conditioner with manuka honey and avocado can restore moisture loss and aid with detangling in the shower during your wash day. Lastly, our lightweight leave-in conditioner can leave your hair feeling soft, moisturised, and frizz-free.     

'Cause your hair's naturally on the drier side, you don't need to wash it as much. For most of you, 2-3 times a week should do the trick. Now, finding the perfect wash schedule for your hair is key, but here's a heads up: washing too often can strip away those precious oils from your scalp that keep your hair healthy and hydrated. So, don't go overboard with the shampooing – only do it when you really gotta.


Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

Let’s start with the basics. Dehydration is one of the main culprits behind lackluster curls. Like a wilted plant, your curls need water to thrive. The magic word here is to moisturise. Condition like a champ every time you wash your hair. Plus, don’t be shy about applying some leave-in conditioner or oil (like coconut or jojoba) for extra nourishment. Your curls will thank you by bouncing back to their original glory. 

Whether you're rushing to the gym or trying to get ready for work in a flash, this trick's got your back. Grab a spray bottle and mix half the leave-in conditioner or detangler with water. Give your curls and scalp a quick spritz, and boom! Instant revival mode is ON! If you don’t have time for that, make things easier on yourself by grabbing a bottle of our Everyday Curl Refresh With Coconut & Jamaican Black Castor Oils, ideal for providing your curls a quick moisture boost.  

Watch the Heat

Hot showers feel great on your muscles but not so much on your hair. The heat can sap the moisture out of your curls, making them dry and brittle. Stick to lukewarm or cold showers (if you're brave enough) to keep your curls looking fresh. 


And when it comes to styling, try to minimize using heat-based tools. If you use them, apply a heat protectant on your curls before using a heating tool. Yo, here's another hot tip for your curls: if you gotta speed things up with heat, think about getting a diffuser attachment for your regular hair dryer. When your hair is still damp, pop on that diffuser, and it'll spread the hot air all over your curls nice and evenly, being way gentler than a regular blow-dryer. Your curls will thank you, and you'll be slayin' that fabulous hair game!

The Satin or Silk Pillowcase

Yes, you heard right. Ditch the rough, cotton pillowcases that mess with your hair's moisture levels and switch to satin or silk. These materials cause less friction, helping to reduce frizz and preserve your curls’ shape. Trust me, you'll wake up looking like you stepped out of a hair commercial.

Avoid the Towel Turban

Guilty of twisting your hair up in a towel post-shower? Yeah, it's time to break that habit. Regular towels can rough up your hair cuticle, leading to frizz and breakage. Opt for a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt to gently squeeze out excess water instead. 


Embrace the Wide-Tooth Comb

Traditional brushes can be a curly guy's worst enemy. They disrupt your hair's natural curl pattern and can lead to breakage. So, switch to a wide-tooth comb, which is gentler on your curls and helps them keep their shape. Plus, only detangle when your hair is wet and slathered in conditioner.

Get Regular Trims

You might love the length, but hear us out. Regular trims help keep your curls in check and eliminate those nasty split ends. A well-maintained head of hair is a happy one.

There you have it! Seven straightforward but potent tactics to reignite the life in your curls and keep them in prime form. Everyone's hair is unique, so don't hesitate to adapt these pointers to match your hair's characteristics. With a dash of dedication and patience, your curls will command attention in no time! This journey isn't just about taming frizz or sharpening your coils—it's about recognizing and celebrating your individuality. Your curls are a testament to your character, self-assuredness, and indomitable spirit.

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