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International Women's Day: In Conversation With Savannah Smith

International Women's Day: In Conversation With Savannah Smith


Happy International Women's Day! Let's all continue to uplift, encourage, and support the women around us. In celebration of International Women's Day, we spoke to Hair Influencer & Model Savannah Smith to learn more about her.

See our conversation below:


What's your profession?

I am a commercial model and natural hair content creator. I also work part time at an estate agent.


What do you love about your curly hair?

It has its own personality. My outfit can be a 2/10 but as long as my fro is out it boosts me right up lol.


What do you think about the role Black women play in the beauty industry?

As a model I know we don't play it enough! things are changing though and I find myself being put forward for jobs and brands that wouldn't have been open to me before,


What’s your favourite product from the Sofnfree Naturals range?

My favourite product is the leave in conditioner - its very thick and moisturising,


What would you say to other girls/women who are thinking about going natural but are afraid to do it?

This could be you but you playing! No I'm joking I can definitely relate to be afraid of going natural. I just had to remind myself this is the way God made me. He gave me this hair and he also gave me all I need to take care of it.


Who is someone that inspires you/you look up to?

My older cousin. He has shown me that there are no rules to life and as long as you can see an opportunity, it is yours for you to take.


How best would you want natural hair to be represented in the media?

However I decide to wear it. One thing I know may be controversial is that at the moment there is a stigma against straightening and sometimes even twist outs etc. as that isn't our "actual texture". But, for me I wear my natural hair however I see fit. It is diverse and it should be showcased that way. If I straighten my natural hair - it is still my natural hair. If i decide to do a twist out with my natural hair - It is still my natural hair. Yes the texture may be manipulated, but I know I am not doing it because  I dislike my texture. So when it comes to the media - this should mirror my (and others) reality.


What's your go-to protective style?

Probably twists - I can do it myself and don't have to pay anyone to  install it lol.


Check out Savannah! @savdanyell

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