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Got Type 4 curls? Here Are 5 Reasons To Rock A Twist Out Over Wash n’Go's

Got Type 4 curls? Here Are 5 Reasons To Rock A Twist Out Over Wash n’Go's




Hey gorgeous curl friends in the type 4 end of the spectrum, we see you displaying the versatility of your gorgeous coils, showing up and showing out in different hairstyles like the queen that you are. But show of hands: how many times have you tried out a wash n go, expecting to end up with the perfect results you may have seen on social media, but you end up with entirely different results? Trust us, we feel you. Perfect wash n’ go's are not always easy to achieve on type 4 hair. They either take so much time and effort or don't even look right by the time you are done. But you know what always looks bomb on type 4 curls? A well-done twist out. 

Now, we're not saying you should never do a wash n go's but, in this article, we’ve got 5 reasons why you may want to skip wash n go's and opt for twists outs instead. Plus, we're spilling the secrets to achieving the perfect twists out. 

Wash N Go's Vs Twist Out – What's The Difference?

If you’re unfamiliar with both hairstyles you may be wondering what makes them so different from each other. Well, let's start with a twist out. It is a hairstyle that is exactly like its name implies. It involves twisting the hair in sections and allowing them to set and dry before unravelling each twist to reveal beautiful waves of curls. A wash n’ go, on the other hand, is a styling technique that involves simply washing your hair, applying styling products to clump and define your curls, drying and off you go. Hence the term "wash and go".   

Now a wash n’ go is meant to be a simple style that makes your natural curl pattern take centre stage, leaving your curls defined and visible. It is low maintenance and does not require a lot of additional steps once you're out of the shower. Meanwhile, a twist out requires additional styling (twisting) to create a visibly defined pattern of waves. So, it’s not exactly a style you can do while in a rush. 

Now, for our type 4 friends, let's get into why your hair will probably appreciate a twist out more. 


5 Reasons To Rock Twist Out Over Wash N’ Go's For Type 4 Curls


Less Product Build-Up/ Use Less Product

Wash n' go's on type 4 hair often requires a lot of time and products to get the perfect curl definition. First, you gotta use the leave-in, then the curl creme, then the gel. On top of that, you have to diligently finger-coil almost every hair strand – all this to end up with a look that may or may not be similar to your desired result. This whole ordeal will require a lot of products and may leave you with a ton of product buildup that can lead to itchy hair and scalp. If you have low porosity hair, the build-up will also make it harder for moisturisers to penetrate the hair shaft.  

However, when you do a twist out, you do not need to use all that much product. You only need to apply a styler like Sofnfree's Curling Mousse or our Coconut & Jamaican Black Castor Oil Curling Creme before you twist the hair. Heck, you can even apply only our Manuka Honey Leave-in Conditioner and still end up with a beautiful twist out. 

Less shrinkage

By now you're probably used to the fact that your type 4 curls love to coil into themselves, leaving you with a seriously shocking amount of shrinkage. A wash n’ go relies on simply defining your curls and leaving them to dry but on your hair type, that will often result in a lot of shrinkage. 

If you don't mind the shrinkage, that might not be a problem for you but if you want to show off your length and elongate your curls a little more, a twist-out done using Sofnfree's Curl Elongating Gel is a better option. The gel will elongate the curls and reduce shrinkage so that when you unravel each twist, you'll end up with flawless curls and waves that have a natural stretch. 

More Consistent results

A wash n' go on type 4 hair can sometimes feel like a game of Russian roulette. You never know what the outcome will be because there are so many factors that determine the final look. But, with a twist out, you always know what your results will look like. You know what the curl shape and definition you can expect, and you can make different adjustments depending on how much volume or definition you want. This gives you a lot more control over how the final look turns out. 

Easier To Get Curl Definition

When you do a wash n’ go, your natural tightly wound coils and curls may not be immediately visible as a result of your curl pattern. But with a twist out, the initial two-strand twists will set the hair strands in place in an 'S' pattern wave shape that will be very defined and popping once you unravel the twists. This will save you all the stress of trying to clump and set your curls when doing a wash n’ go. 

Reduces Single Strand Knots

To get the perfect wash n' go on type 4 hair, you will likely have to manipulate the hair a lot. From continuously raking your hands through each section to brush curling and finger coiling nearly every strand, there is a lot of manipulation involved. These combined steps expose your hair to the possibility of tangles and when the hair shrinks in the state, the curls will loop and tie around themselves, creating single-strand knots. Single-strand knots are not only extremely annoying to deal with, but they can also cause breakage and split ends. However, a twist-out limits the possibility of such knots forming since you start by twisting the hair to create your desired curl shape instead of spending so much time manipulating each strand. 


How To Get The Perfect Twist Out 


Alright, if you are finally convinced that twist-outs are the better choice for your type 4 curls. Let's get into how to achieve a flawless twist out. 



  • Then follow up with our moisture rich conditioner to soften and smoothen the hair. Be sure to properly detangle the hair with a comb or brush. 


  • Once the hair is thoroughly rinsed, towel dry with a microfiber towel. 


  • Then divide the hair into four sections and apply a dollop of Sofnfree's Manuka Honey and Avocado oil leave-in conditioner to replenish the hair with moisture and smoothen the strands. Keep the section you are not working on secured with a hair clip or wrapped into a loose bun. 


  • Working one section at a time, divide each larger section of hair into smaller sub-sections. Depending on how full your hair is, you may end up with 4-6 sub-sections.  


  • Repeat the twisting until all the sections are completed. Hold a spray bottle to spritz the hair with water as you go in case some parts dry up while you work. 
  • Dry your twists by sitting under a hooded dryer or air drying. If you choose to air dry, it may take a day or two for the twists to properly dry. Don't be in a hurry to unravel them before then as you may not like the end result. 
  • Once the twists are dry, apply a little bit of our hair and scalp oil to your fingers. Then gently unravel each twist from ends to root.   
  • Finally, fluff the twist out by separating each unravelled section ever so slightly. To add more volume, you can use your fingers to gently lift and rake through your roots or use an afro pick. However, be careful not to overdo the fluffing when using an afro pick as that could just end up combing out all the curls you've created.  

Hot Tip: if you want your twist out to be a little longer, stretch it out by pulling each section tautly and blow drying for a few minutes. If you prefer a heatless stretching method, divide the twist out into 4 sections then pull each section tautly and use several hair bands to wrap the full length of the hair. Leave the bands in overnight and take them out the next morning. Be careful not to mess up your curl definition while doing this.

So, there you have it, the key reasons why a good twist may be a better style choice for your type 4 curls. You may not be fully convinced yet but test it out yourself. The next time you do a wash n go, take note of some of the things we mentioned, and you'll see they're true. Meanwhile, follow the twist-out tips we've highlighted in this post, and you'll notice how much easier it is to get your desired results.  

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