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Eight Hairstyles That Can Save You Time With Your Natural Haircare Routine

Eight Hairstyles That Can Save You Time With Your Natural Haircare Routine


@ErnAn Solozábal

As life can often get busy with family, work commitments, and friends, it can take a lot of work to stay on top of your afro haircare routine or develop new ways to style your natural curls. To help you stay on top of this, we are here to inspire you if you want to avoid heat styling and opt for different protective styles. So regardless of your hair length, texture, or styling abilities, here are eight easy, time-saving hairstyles to spice up your natural haircare looks.   

Pigtail Crown

A halo or pigtail crown is an easy way to protect your afro hair while allowing you to adopt a low-maintenance hairstyle that is kinder to your scalp. After cleansing and conditioning your afro hair, apply our Leave-In Conditioner With Manuka Honey & Avocado Oil. This mixture will keep your afro curls hydrated and nourish. After this, begin by parting your natural hair to the centre of your head. In this way, you will create two sections.

Then, comb through each section and put them into high pigtails with an elastic band. Next, grab one braid, fold it in half and secure it to the back of your head with bobby pins. Do the same for the other braid.

Triple Braid To Single Jumbo Plait

Want a different spin on a high ponytail? Start by dividing your natural hair into three sections from the perimeter of your hairline. Use our Curling Creme With Coconut & Jamaican Black Castor Oils to give your style shine and moisture without shrinkage. Then braid each section until the point where you would typically create a ponytail.

Next, bring all braided sections together with an elastic band. Following this, continue to braid your afro curls to create one jumbo plait.

Braided Bantu Knots

Achieve this low manipulation yet quick protective style by dividing your freshly washed afro hair into various sections all over your head. Then braid each of these sections. Once that is done, wrap each braid around to create a small knot.

After a day or two, you could also undo this style to discover a Bantu knot out. To give your curls more volume at this point, apply a small amount of our curling crème using your fingers onto your hair to give it more definition, less frizz, and more shine.


A fro-hawk is excellent for afro hair at any length. All you need after your wash day is elastic bands, a wide-toothed comb, and a gel with a firm hold. After creating four small ponytails on your head that displays a mohawk shape, you can fluff these ponytails with your fingers. Apply our Curl Elongating Gel With Flaxseed Oil And Rosewater onto your fingertips to give them a bit of volume and hold.

@Jessica Felicio

Twist Out Afro 

After taking out a twist style like a two-strand twist, unravel this style to create a natural afro with volume and definition. Add a spritz of moisture to these afro curls using our Everyday Curl Refresh With Coconut & Jamaican Black Castor Oils.

A Protective Headscarf

A headscarf can be used to protect your afro hair from environmental elements. But it can also be used to preserve an existing hairstyle. For instance, if you want to maintain a bun or a chignon overnight, cover it with a silk or satin headscarf. It can also be used around a messy bun as a cute accessory.

Pineapple Updo

Opt for a pineapple updo for those days when your natural curls are looking fly without much effort. All you need to do is turn your head upside down and gather your afro hair in a bun at the top of your head. Then, apply a small amount of our Curl Elongating Gel to fluff out your curls to make your curls pop.

@Suad Kamardeen

Space Bun Puffs

Want to avoid styles that cause further damage to your scalp? Take a break from hair extensions inspired styles and go for a style like space bun puffs. These can be created in under 15 minutes. After washing and conditioning your natural hair, use two elastic bands to create two buns on each side of your head. Then spray a small amount of our Everyday Curl Refresh on each bun to fluff them out.

Whether you have embraced your natural curls for a while now or are looking to transition, there will be days that you want to keep it simple. We hope that any of these eight hairstyles will help you experiment with your afro hair and still save time. 

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