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Silk vs. Satin For Sleeping: Differences & Benefits

Silk vs. Satin For Sleeping: Differences & Benefits


@Gabriel Silvério

Achieving healthy afro hair takes a fair amount of work, and this does not stop at night. To maintain your natural texture while sleeping, you need a night haircare routine to help you keep your curls free from frizz, breakage, and tangles. Whether you have relaxed or natural afro curls, this routine could include preserving your hair intact in a satin or silk bonnet or scarf at night. You could also consider purchasing a silk or satin pillowcase.

But the main question is, which is better for your afro hair, silk, or satin? Are there any differences or benefits? In this article, we will go through both options so that you can make an informed choice as to the material that works best.

What Is Silk Made From?

Produced by various species of insects for constructing cocoons and webs, silk is a natural protein fibre that was first discovered in China around 8500 years ago. Today, China is the biggest producer of silk, making up 78% of the supply of raw silk globally. The mulberry silk moth is the preferred insect for this commercial silk industry.

What is Satin Fabric?

On the other hand, satin is formed by wearing different types of fabric together, such as silk, polyester, cotton, and rayon.


@Gideon Hezekiah

What Are The Differences Between Satin And Silk?

While silk is shiny on both sides, satin can have a dull and glossy side. This is because silk is a natural fibre with more strength than satin's synthetic fibre. But silk is a natural fibre of satin. But as silk is a natural fibre and an individual thread needs silk from many silkworms, it is more expensive to purchase than satin. Alternatively, you can use a higher quality type of satin like charmeuse to keep your afro hair frizz-free and beautiful at night. And at a lower cost. This satin type also has the same benefits as silk: it is breathable and hypoallergenic.

What Are The Benefits Of Satin And Silk For Afro Hair?

Whether you opt for satin or silk is entirely up to you and depends on your budget. While there are some differences, there are various benefits to using either material at night for your natural hair.

Reduced Friction

Both satin and silk pillowcases, scarves, or bonnets can reduce the amount of friction between your afro curls and a surface, meaning your hairstyle is kept intact and moisturised. It will also prevent split ends, just like our Everyday Curl Refresh With Coconut & Jamaican Black Castor Oils, formulated to stop the breakage associated with styling dry afro hair.

Will Seal Moisture In Your Afro Curls

While cotton is a naturally absorbent material that can leave your natural hair feeling dry, satin or silk will leave your hair feeling hydrated and silky after a good night's sleep. Additionally, with our hydrating shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in trio, you can enhance and keep the moisture in your afro curls for longer.

@Jackson David

Preserves Your Preferred Hairstyle With Ease

Silk and satin can also keep your hairstyle fresh and reduce the time you spend moisturising your curls in the morning. However, if you want to keep your natural curls intact during the night, apply our Curl Elongating Gel With Flaxseed Oil And Rosewater before wearing your silk or satin scarf or bonnet. Alternatively, if you need to maintain protective styles like twist-outs overnight, our Curling Mousse With Flaxseed Oil And Rosewater can give you a better hold.

Whether you opt for a satin or silk pillowcase, bonnet or scarf will ultimately depend on your sleeping routine, hair texture, type, or length. For example, if you typically move a lot during the night, you might benefit more from buying a silk or satin pillowcase rather than a scarf or bonnet. The main difference between the two materials is price, and whichever option you choose will allow you to maintain a healthier afro hair routine.

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