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6 Tips For A Perfect Wash N’ Go On Natural Hair

6 Tips For A Perfect Wash N’ Go On Natural Hair



When it comes to styling curly hair, most times you're probably looking for a hairstyle that requires minimal effort since wash day can sometimes be a handful. This is why wash n’ go’s are a favourite with many curly naturals. However, if you’re familiar with this style, you probably already know it can sometimes be hard to perfect. A few wrong steps and some improper techniques and you end up with a frizzy undefined mess.  

Thankfully we're here to make your styling process less stressful and disappointing. In this post, we'll be spilling some amazing secrets to nailing your wash n’ go on natural hair. Yes, even type 4 curls and coils are not left behind. Read ahead to find our most important tip. 

How Long Does A Wash N’ Go Last? 

A wash n’ go can last anywhere from a few days to a whole week depending on your hair texture. However, you would need to refresh your curls with a light moisturiser like our Everyday Curl Refresher to reduce frizz and maintain the results you had with from day one hair. 

Can Type 4 Hair Do A Wash N’ Go?

Wash n go's can be done on any curly hair type and that includes Type 4 hair. The hair just needs to be thoroughly moisturised to produce the best results. The main reason you may not have gotten good results in the past is likely due to improper techniques and the wrong product combinations. When doing a wash n’ go on type 4 hair, you may also need to restyle and hydrate the hair every 2-3 days to help soften and define the hair. Over time you'll notice that the more you do the style, the more moisturise trained your hair gets which will ultimately make it easier to achieve the perfect results. 


6 Wash N’ Go Tips

1. Start on Clean Conditioned Hair

Layering styling products on rough, frizzy and uncleaned hair is likely the biggest mistake you can make when trying to do a wash n’ go. The road to good results starts with your shower routine. Make sure the hair is cleaned with a shampoo like our Hydration Manuka Honey Shampoo Then follow up with a conditioner or deep conditioner. This step is super important– the conditioner will soften and smoothen the hair. It will also lubricate the hair strands and allow you to properly detangle your curls.  

Work in ample amounts of our Moisture Rich  Conditioner into your hair strands and use your detangling brush to comb the hair. Don't be afraid to use a lot of conditioner, it will leave your curls so elongated and soft, that you'll appreciate it afterwards. 

2. Soak The Hair With Water 

Water is like the secret juice that binds all the elements of a wash n’ go together. It helps to activate the definition in your curls and also allows the styling products to penetrate the hair strands and do what you expect them to do. So do not skimp on water at all. After all, it is probably the cheapest product you'll use during the entire process. Make sure the hair is fully saturated with water before you do anything– seriously this is our most important wash n' go tip. 

If you have just freshly washed your hair, cover it with a shower cap before you leave the shower to trap all the moisture in until you are ready to style. But if your hair is already dry or only slightly damp, use a spray bottle to soak the hair with water.  Another tip for our low porosity curlies is to make sure the water in the spray bottle is warm, it will open up your cuticles and allow easier penetration of your products. 

 3. Define Your Curls In Small Sections

Working in smaller sections when applying your styling product is key to achieving the right results. If you apply styling products to large sections, you will not be able to properly distribute the product throughout each hair strand. However, with smaller sections, you can reach every nook and crevice of the hair and also spend more time shingling and clumping individual hair strands. This will leave you with a better curl definition and a smoother finish.  Try dividing the hair into 4-6 sections instead of just two large ones. If your hair texture is extremely coily, you may need to further divide those sections into smaller sub-sections to ensure each coil gets proper attention. 

Also, when applying a gel like our Curl Elongating Gel to each section, try to use your fingers to lightly twirl each strand of hair to make your curls pop.

4. Don't Neglect Your Roots 

When most people apply styling products, they often focus most of their attention on the middle and ends of the hair while the root barely gets any action. Don't forget, your roots are the newest and most tightly curled part of your hair. So you gotta make sure they are defined and slathered with enough product to keep them from becoming frizzy and puffy. 

The best way to ensure even distribution of product through the full length of the hair is to apply an ample amount to your hands first. Then, work the product in from the root down to the ends. And when we say your roots, we mean as close to the scalp as possible. This applies to everything from conditioners to stylers like our Flaxseed Oil Curling Mousse. Do the same thing when shingling your curls, focus on the root first and then work your way down. 

5. Stretch The Hair 

Making sure your wash n’ go is properly dry is a major finishing step of the whole hairstyle. But, since curly hair loves to shrink during the drying process, it is best to stretch the hair to elongate the overall look and add volume. This is especially important if you have a tight hair texture where your hair can shrink down to about half of its actual length.  

You can use a diffuser or blow dryer to stretch your curls. But if you prefer to avoid using heat on your hair, then the banding method is a great alternative. After air drying your curls, just divide them into four sections. Then, pull each section of hair tautly and use a hair band to wrap the hair from root to ends. Leave the bands in overnight and by morning you'll wake up to flawless stretched curls as you take them out. 

How To Do A Perfect Wash N’ Go 

  • Then apply our Curl Elongating Gel as you rake your fingers through the hair to define your curls. If you have coily type 4 hair, try to further separate each section into subsections and clump your curls with the shingling method. 
  • Dry the hair with a hooded dryer or diffuser. You can also air dry if you don't mind waiting. 
  • After drying, divide the hair into sections and stretch with the banding method 
  • Shake the curls back and forth to add more bounce and volume to the finished look and you're good to go. 

Perfecting your wash n’ go can seem like a daunting task at first but once you get a hang of the key steps and know how to incorporate the tips we've discussed into your styling routine, it will quickly become one of your go-to hairstyles. But, before you dig into your curls and start styling, make sure your hair is well-hydrated and defined to perfection with our Wash N’ Go Bundle. We've specially curated the set to help you churn out flawless wash n’ go’s back to back like a pro. 

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