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5 Actresses That Have Raised The Representation Of Curly Hair On TV

5 Actresses That Have Raised The Representation Of Curly Hair On TV



It’s International Women’s Day, a time when we celebrate the achievements of women all over the world. This year we want to celebrate five amazing women who have championed and represented curly, coily and natural textures. These women have challenged the western world’s beauty standards by rocking  their curls and coils empowering women to follow suit as representation matters. Today we want to celebrate Tracee Ellis Ross, Lupita Nyong’o, Brand Norwood, Issa Rae and Lisa Rodriguez. 


Tracee Ellis Ross


Like her mother, Diana Ross, she has always honoured and loved every bit of her natural hair, whether on Girlfriends or Black-ish. Her Instagram page overflows with her expression of how her hair brings her joy daily. In 2019, she expanded her natural hair vision by creating Pattern Beauty, a haircare company, to broaden curly hair products for women of colour.

In October 2022, Ross teamed up with other curly hair advocates like Oprah Winfrey and Michaela Angela Davis to produce 'The Hair Tales.' This was a natural hair docuseries that could help curly-haired women everywhere regain their confidence in wearing their hair in its natural texture. Recently, Tracee developed a Pattern Beauty hairdryer specially created for curly hair to give women more confidence in using heat in their haircare regimen. In short, Ross's appeal comes from always wanting her fellow women with curly and coily hair to be their beautiful, authentic selves.

Lupita Nyong'o



Lupita has always been one of our beauty crushes as she has used her platform to get real about her natural hair. In 2017, she spoke out against Grazia as they removed parts of her hair for their November issue. She was extremely candid in an interview in 2018 as she said that she loves showcasing her curly hair for her magazine covers, appearances on the red carpet, and her movie roles because she has been 'shunned' for her natural hair since a young age. Lupita was also passionate about not wanting other people to feel like they must relax their curls.



In 2019, Lupita wrote the children's book ‘Sulwe’ for kids of colour, so they don't grow up thinking they are not worthy because of their skin colour or hair. She was also insistent on celebrating the beauty and versatility of kinky hair in her leading lady role in 'Us' with sister locks. Then this was seen more recently in 'Wakanda Forever' with her red, effortless locs. But she put the 's' in swag with her 2022 Oscars look, where she donned an elegant sister locs updo inspired by African figures in Classical Greek Art.


Brandy Norwood




Brandy is an American singer, song-writer an actress who is known for hits such as “I Wanna Be Down” and The Boy Is Mine.” Rising to fame in the 90’s on her hit show “Moesha” she’s been in the public eye for over twenty years and has never been afraid to embrace her natural hair.  Renowned for her curls, box braids and microbraids, Brandy has been setting curly hair and protective style trends for over two decades.



Throughout her career Brandy has been a role model for young girls and women alike who struggle to embrace their natural textures. Today, Brandy admits that she feels best when donning her coily hair showing women with curly & coily hair that they should continue flaunting their natural beauty.

Lee Rodriguez  


In Netflix's 'Never Have I Ever,' Lee Rodriguez’s character flexes her defined curls. It's a message to young girls, showing they shouldn't change their natural hair or identity at school to fit in. This Afro-Latina actress has also admitted she wants to be a role model for young girls, as she never felt fit in high school. Only when she saw an older Afro-Latina student rocking their curls did she know she could do the same.

 Issa Rae


Issa Rae has shared her own haircare journey with her fans and often speaks about styling methods and maintenance tips. She’s also shared her beliefs in the importance of representation of those with natural textures in the media. An interview with Essence in 2015, she said, "I want to see myself reflected in the media. I want to see other brown girls with natural hair, and I want to see them portrayed in a positive light." Throughout her career Issa Rae has worked on projects that have explored the subjects of natural textures and culture. Via her characters and platforms Issa Rae has been a visual and vocal representatives of curly hair textures and this has made her role model for many across the world. 

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of women around the world. Today’s campaign “Embrace Equity” helps to push the conversation around equality even further.

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