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Mousse vs. Gel Which One Is Right For Your Curly Hair

Mousse vs. Gel Which One Is Right For Your Curly Hair




When it comes to styling your curly tresses, gels and mousses are undoubtedly the ultimate power duo in most people's hair care stash. Whether you're planning to rock a wash ‘n ’go, twist out or even a sleek bun, you'll likely reach for one of these two products to keep your curls defined and your styles long-lasting.  

But, in your attempts to determine which one to use on your curly hair, you may be left with a few pressing questions like what is the difference between a gel and a mousse? Do they do the same thing?  Can they be used together?  We've got answers and, in this article, we'll be spilling the beans. Read ahead to know all the details 

First, let's get some basic definitions out of the way. 

What Is A Hair Gel? 

Oh, hair gel, how shall we describe our love for you? Most curly queens are all too familiar with this jelly-like goopy goodness. It has been a staple in our hair regimen since way back when. But let us put our science baddie hats on for a second and look at what really makes up our favourite hair-slaying mixture.  

A hair gel consists of active solid particles dispersed in a colloidal substance to form the semi-solid jelly we’ve come to know and love. It typically contains a mixture of water, oils, and curl-clumping polymers. This is why hair gels are thick and often used to add strong, long-lasting hold to the hair. They also give your curls definition, creating a sleek and smooth look that works with just about any hairstyle and keeps frizz and flyaways in check.  

However, depending on your hair type a hair gel can leave your hair feeling heavy and weighed down. It can also sometimes leave a strong cast leaving you with dry and brittle tresses. Thankfully, our Curl Elongating Gel With Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater was made to fix that problem. It is a lightweight formula that gives your curls premium hold and definition while reducing shrinkage and enhancing your curl pattern. If you want a lightweight gel that is not overly sticky and easy to work with, then this is one gel you need to add to your shopping cart. Love shiny, flake free curls? our gel gives what a flawless hairstyle is supposed to give. 

What Is A Hair Mousse? 

Hair mousse is a lightweight product with a consistency similar to whipped cream. It often comes in pressurised aerosol containers and comes out as foam hence the name "mousse". That’s a fancy French word for foam. Mousse offers a lightly sculpted definition while adding a lot of volume. It also makes your hair bouncy without weighing it down or leaving you with the crisp cast that often comes with using hair gel. 

Additionally, hair mousse dries very quickly due to its light texture, but all its wonderful effects do not last long once on the hair. Mousse will often require several reapplications throughout the week or day depending on the weather and your hair type. 

Most hair mousses are generally made from a base of water and alcohol, but the downside to that is that alcohol can be very drying to hair, and we all know dryness can lead to breakage and crunchy feeling curls. So, it is crucial to use an alcohol-free mousse to ensure your hair stays moisturized. This is where our Flaxseed Oil And Rose Water Curling Mousse come in to save the day. It is a nourishing alcohol-free formula that flawlessly defines your curls and adds volume to your hair styles while still delivering a replenishing boost of moisture and shine. 

What Is The Difference Between Hair Mousse And Hair Gel? 

The fundamental difference between a hair gel and a hair mousse lies in the consistency and how they perform when applied to your tresses. A hair mousse equals volume, light definition and a natural bouncy texture for your curls but it will likely not last very long. Gel on the other hand will give you long-lasting definition for days and a sleek shiny appearance but it may leave your hair looking a little flat. 

Which One Is Right For Your Curly Hair 

As we've established, hair gel and mousse both have their pros and cons. So, they may not provide the same desired results for everyone. To determine which one is right for your hair, you need to understand the properties of your hair and identify your desired outcome. First, it is important to know your curl type. Curly hair exists on a spectrum ranging from type 2 (S shaped curls) to 3 (loose ringlets) and type 4 (tight coils). It is also important to know your hair’s density (AKA thickness) of your hair strands along with your porosity. Once you have all this info on lock then you can choose which one will work best with your hair. 


When To Use Hair Mousse  

Hair mousse has a lightweight consistency so it is best suited to loose type 3 curls or low-density fine hair as these hair types could be easily weighed down by the heavy thickness of gels. The mousse will define your curls, add volume, and give a natural bounce without leaving you with flat, stiff hairIf you are in a rush and need to style your hair without waiting for long, mousse is also the perfect choice since it dries up pretty quickly 

If your curls are low porosity, then you may also not be the biggest hair gel fan as it can cause a lot of product build-up. In that case, it is best to stick with the fast-absorbing lightweight texture of a hair mousse. 

Now let's talk hairstyles. If you are going for big voluminous twist outs, Bantu knot outs, or flexi rod sets something like our Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater Curling Mousse is the clear winner. It will give you the volume and hold you need while keeping giving your curl definition a natural finish. It is also a great choice if you are simply trying to lightly curl the ends of your braids, flat twists and cornrows.

When To Use Hair Gel 

The thick consistency of hair gel works especially well with thick type 4 curls and coils. It offers a strong long-lasting hold for these hair types and gives them definition while taming frizz and flyaways. 

Hair gel is also very versatile and works well with different styles and it is especially well suited to wash ‘n’ go's, sleek ponytails, updos and any other style where the sleek defined "wet look" is desired. If you have short hair and want something to elongate your curls, making the definition take centre stage, then our Curl Elongating Gel is definitely the way to go as you're guaranteed juicy defined curls with minimal shrinkage 



How To Combine The Two (The Bomb Hair Combo) 

Even though we have covered which of the two products works best for different hair types. We can't help but let you know about the flawless results that can come from combining the two. This may not be ideal in every situation as you want to avoid overwhelming your hair with too many products. But, when you want an ultimate combo of popping defined curls, volume, shine, bounce, and long-lasting hold that will look flawless from day one all the way to day six (basically your best magazine-worthy hair yet), then you gotta work with both a mousse and gel. Combining both products can be tricky and can easily leave you with a flaky mess if you're not careful. So, here's how to do it right: 

First, start on clean hair. Then spray the hair with some water to make it damp. If you have dry hair, you can use a dollop of our moisturising leave-in conditioner. After that, apply our Curl Elongating Gel with Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater evenly over each section of the hair (this is when you need to finger coil, shingle, brush curl or whatever technique you use to enhance your curl definition). Then layer a small amount of the  Flaxseed Curling Mousse over those curls, gently smoothing down the strands to avoid messing up the curl definition. Finally, use a diffuser to dry the hair or let it air dry. Fluff your curls for extra volume and bask in the bouncy shiny masterpiece you have just created.  

Pro tip: if you are working with completely dry hair, start with the mousse first as it is much easier to work with when it dries up. The gel will harden and form a cast much quicker if it is applied on dry hair first and from that point on, it will become extremely annoying and difficult to layer on your mousse. So, stick with mousse first in dry hair to avoid messing up your curl definition and creating a flaky mess. 

So, there you have it. The major differences between hair gel and mousse. It all comes down to the hold and curl definition they provide. Deciding which one is right for your tresses depends on what you're hoping to achieve with the hairstyle and your overall hair type so don't hesitate to try out either one. You may need to go through a trial-and-error phase before landing on your perfect choice so don't be afraid to experiment and have fun styling your beautiful curls. 

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