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How To Transform Your Hair Growth With Scalp Massages

How To Transform Your Hair Growth With Scalp Massages

We all love a good massage and for obvious reasons– it is super relaxing and leaves you feeling super pampered. But did you know your scalp can also benefit from all that relaxing stimulating goodness? If you're like most curly naturals, your scalp probably doesn't get much attention while your strands get all the love. But your scalp deserves some TLC too! This is especially important if you want to grow long luscious curls as hair growth and length retention start from the scalp.  

So, whether you're aiming for waist-length curls or simply trying to break out of a growth plateau, a good scalp massage is the way to go. In this article, we'll cover all things scalp massage and how to use it to boost your hair growth goals. 

 Do Scalp Massages Really Help Grow Your Hair? 

Several studies have shown that scalp massages lead to some pretty impressive results when consistently done each day. Most people noticed an improvement in the thickness and length of their hair over time.  

Now you’re probably thinking: how will a few gentle rubs on my head do anything to help my hair grow? Well, when you massage the scalp, it stimulates the cells in the hair follicles and increases dilation in the blood vessels underneath the scalp, leading to more blood flow and nourishment to the area. This will ultimately encourage the thickness of the follicles and lead to increased hair growth. 

Let’s get real for a second. A scalp massage might not be an instant miracle fix that will give you six inches of hair overnight. But, if you consistently give your scalp that extra dose of love and attention, it will help you grow thicker and longer tresses. 

If the amazing hair growth benefits weren't already enough to convince you. Here are some additional benefits you cannot afford to miss: 

It Will Help Distribute Your Natural Sebum More Evenly 

In case you didn't know, one of the main reasons curly hair seems to be constantly dry is that your hair pattern makes it difficult for the natural hair moisturising oils and sebum in the follicles to travel down the strands. But, when you massage the scalp, you get better access to the sebum in the scalp and can use your fingers to better spread them across different parts of the hair. This will eventually result in better nourishment, shine and moisture retention for your curls. When massaging your scalp, incorporate our Manuka Honey & Avocado Hair and Scalp Oil to take that moisture retention and scalp nourishment to the next level 

It Keeps Stress In Check 

We all know that stress is one of the biggest enemies of healthy hair and it is especially horrible if you are trying to grow out your curls. This is where a good few minutes of an indulgent scalp massage comes to the rescue. It helps reduce the presence of the stress hormone, cortisol, leaving you more relaxed and calmer.  

If you have ever had a scalp massage you can definitely relate to the feeling we’re describing. Nothing beats that super relaxed feeling that makes you so calm you want to sleep right on the spot. A scalp massage is the ultimate self-care, giving you a combination of healthy hair and relaxation at the same time. Who could say no to that? Sign us up all day every day! 

It Reduces Scalp Inflammation  

If your scalp feels dry and itchy, it may be because of inflammation and there's no better way to keep it in check than with a scalp massageIt will help stimulate the lymphatic drainage systems and detox your scalp to keep it healthy and free of any signs of irritation. Combining the scalp massage with a revitalizing treatment like our Strengthening Oil is also a great way to create an overall healthy environment to encourage growth. This biotin liposome technology powered formula delivers biotin nourishment to targeted weak points along the root and scalp and can help maximises the benefits of a scalp massage. 


How Often Should You Do A Scalp Massage 

Now, we've established how amazing a scalp massage can be for your hair but let's get into how to incorporate it into your hair regimen. A scalp massage does not require much time and effort so it can easily be added to your weekly routine. All you need is an additional 5-20 minutes every day or a few times a week. If you are busy and all you've got time for is one day a week, you will still reap the benefits as long as you stay consistent. Just choose whatever option works for your hair and lifestyle.  

The best time to massage your scalp is before styling or moisturising your hair. Use the massage as a prep, then follow up with your styling products. This will give you easy access to your scalp and also save you from messing up any curl definition you create while styling. 

How To Massage The Scalp  

The great thing about scalp massages is they can be done in a few different ways ranging from a traditional to a quick and simple shampoo massage.  

Traditional Massage 

First, let's start with the OG finger massage. With this method, all you gotta do is place your fingertips on your scalp and gently move them in small circles. Start from the nape of the hair and work your way up to the edges, making sure to section the hair as needed. Continue the massage for about 10 minutes. 

Intensive Oil Scalp Massage  

Now if you want something a little extra to really maximise your growth potential, then you can take things up a notch with an intensive oil massage.  For this method, start by lightly spritzing the scalp with some water. Then, section the hair and apply small amounts of the oil evenly on the scalp. After that, apply light pressure to your scalp with the fingertips and slowly massage in circular motions. It is best to work in sections and start from the edges, working your way down to the nape to allow any excess oil to flow down the hair shaft.  

When you are doing an oil scalp massage, it is important to choose an oil that will nourish and strengthen your hair without overwhelming the scalp or leaving it with heavy build-up. Our Strengthening Oil is an ideal choice designed just for this purpose. It is a fast-absorbing formula loaded with a potent blend of coconut oil, Jamaican black castor oil, biotin, baobab rosemary, and mint oil, all working to keep the scalp healthy and strengthen the hair follicles while boosting hair growth.  If your scalp is having a rough time with dryness and irritation, then it needs the hydration and soothing anti-microbial benefits our Manuka Honey Hair & Scalp Oil provides.  

Pro Tip: While massaging with the oil, you can incorporate an ayurvedic massage technique to target hair-growing pressure points and maximize the full benefits of the massage. To do this, start by interlacing your fingers and massaging the forehead. Then, locate the first pressure point by stacking eight fingers above your brows. Then, massage the spot for about a minute.  

Next, work your way to the second pressure point and massage. It is located twelve fingers above the brows (this spot is considered the highest point on the skull and can benefit from a little extra attention). Finally, move down to the nape of the neck for another one-minute massage to finish off your ayurvedic experience. 

Shampoo Massage 

Another great way to massage the scalp is to do it while shampooing on washday. This option is perfect for the lazy naturals who do not have time to include any extra steps in their routine. Simply lather up with Sofnfree's Hydrating Shampoo and work your fingers into the scalp while cleansing and massage in circular motions for 5-10 minutes. This method will help break and remove build-up in difficult-to-reach areas of the hair while also giving you the soothing and hair growth-stimulating effects you're looking for. 


Massaging With Tools 

Too tired to use your fingers for another extra step in your hair care routine? We feel you. Thankfully this is where scalp massagers come in handy. From vibrating automated brushes to silicone massage combs, these handheld scalp-stimulating devices are the perfect hack to use in place of traditional hand massage. There are countless choices to choose from. All you have to do is grab your massage tool, section your hair and get that blood flowing into your scalp for about 10 minutes. 

Things To Avoid While Doing A Scalp Massage 

Now, we hope you’re on board with all this scalp-stimulating goodness and ready to massage away. But before you dig your hands into that beautiful mane of yours. Here are a few things you gotta avoid if you don't want to mess up the process. 

Don't apply too much pressure: a scalp massage is great but don't overdo it.  Keep the pressure and hand movements light and gentle and move slowly so you don't give yourself a headache. 

Don't apply oil on dirty hair: If your hair is dirty, massaging with oils is a bad idea. The product buildup on your scalp will prevent the oils from penetrating, so they will simply sit on the scalp, creating more buildup. Before doing an oil scalp massage, make sure your hair is clean. 

Don't stick dirty fingers in your hair: Any dirt or bacteria on your nails and fingers can easily be left on your scalp, exposing you to infections that can derail your hair growth. So always make sure your hands are washed before massaging the scalp. 

The bottom line? Scalp massages are a relaxing treat that not only feel incredible but also keep your scalp primed for hair growth. So, make time to give your hair and scalp this special pampering session. You can even make it a whole self-care moment. Set the tone with some calm music and scented candles and dig in. Whichever method you choose, you'll surely be on a fast track to long beautiful curls

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