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4 Best Hair Diffusing Techniques For Curly Hair

4 Best Hair Diffusing Techniques For Curly Hair

Diffusing your curly hair can transform the final results of your styling sessions. However, figuring out how to do it properly can sometimes be a little challenging leaving you with many questions. Do you diffuse for length or volume and how do you not mess up your curl definition? Trust us, we understand your confusion. Which is why we are here to answer your most pressing questions about diffusing your curls.  

Up ahead, we'll be revealing four amazing diffusing techniques. Whether you've got long or short hair, or you're looking to get the amount right definition or volume, don't worry there is a method to suit everyone. 

Why You Need To Diffuse Your Curly Hair 

Diffusing offers many benefits to curly hair, the chief of which is saving you time. Instead of spending hours waiting for your hair to air dry, with a diffuser you can leave the house with flawless dry curls in less than an hourDiffusing also gives you more control over the final look of your curls–you get to play around with your desired level of definition and volume while helping the curls set properly. 



4 Best Curly Hair Diffusing Techniques 

1. Hover Diffusing

Hover diffusing is probably what we would consider the classic diffusing method that is most common in the curly hair community–in part because it works for everyone and produces balanced results in terms of volume and definition. Hover diffusing requires you to hold the diffuser about five inches away from your hair on low heat as you gently aerate your curls. This method minimises frizz as much as possible since you will be directing the nozzle downward along with the natural flow of the cuticles.

To hover diffuse, you will need to make sure your hair is freshly washed and conditioned with our Hydration Shampoo and Moisture-rich Conditioner. Then style the hair using our Styling Bundle and when you are ready to dry, start with the diffuser above the head and focus on the roots before working your way down to the ends. As you diffuse, move the hair side to side to encourage more bounce and prevent the hair from drying in one position. Be sure to flip your head upside down to properly dry the back of your hair.

2. Pixie Diffusing

Pixie diffusing is a very popular technique you may have seen all over TikTok. With this technique, the hair is essentially scooped up into the diffuser cup to focus the airflow directly up the hair shaft. It also dries the curls in a compressed position which helps to create more definition and outward volume. Basically, with pixie diffusing, you get popping defined curls, great volume, and bounce, giving your hair more body.  This technique produced great results for everyone, but it can really be a game changer for those with wavy or loose curls whose hair normally gets pulled down and stretched when it is wet.  

To pixie diffuse, start by styling the hair with our Curl Elongating Gel, as this technique tends to create a little frizz, you want something that will help set your hair in place as much as possible. Then use the diffuser cup to scoop your hair from the ends towards your scalp. Hold the cup in that position for about 60 seconds as you diffuse on low heat before moving on to a different part of the hair. Try to work in sections to minimise frizz.  

Once the hair is dry, apply a little drop of our Hair & Scalp Oil to your palm, then rub it on your hair while fluffing your curls to break up any gel cast. Flip your hair back and forth to encourage even more volume and prevent the hair from being stuck in one position. 

3. Pick Diffusing

If you want big voluminous curls, pick diffusing was made for you. This technique is used to lift the hair at the roots while it dries to achieve fullness while maintaining curl definition on the rest of the hair. Before pick diffusing, make sure you style your hair with Sofnfree's Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater Curling Mousse to help add more bounce and volume to your curls. Then, grab a rat tail comb or wide tooth comb and gently lift your hair at the roots in an upward motion while hovering the diffuser on your hair. Do this all over the hair to get the big hair of your dreams. This technique is especially great for wavy hair types who may be looking to combat the flatness at their roots. 

4. Stretch Diffusing 

This method involves a downward diffusing motion using a comb to slightly elongate the curls. You are going to use a wide tooth comb to gently pull your curls down, then hover the diffuser a few inches away from the hair. Place the diffuser on medium heat and diffuse each section of the hair for about one minute. This will help create enough tension to stretch out your curls without ruining your curl definition. 

Stretch diffusing is best done in small sections to minimise frizz but it delivers great results for anyone who experiences a lot of shrinkage, especially those with coily hair. When you are stretch diffusing, try to avoid combing through the hair. The goal is to simply use the comb to lightly tug at your curls at different points. You can start at the root and slowly work your way down to the ends. To get the best results with this method, you will need the make sure the hair is properly moisturised with something like our Manuka Honey And Avocado Oil Leave-in Conditioner to make it easy for the comb to glide through your curls.  



7 Curly Hair Diffusing Tips For The Best Results 

1. Reduce The Heat Setting On Your Diffuser

The best way to minimise frizz and avoid messing up your curl definition is to make sure your diffuser is either on low or medium heat. If the heat setting is too high, you will end up with a frizzy mess and also increase your chances of getting heat damage. 

2. Work In Small Sections

One of the most common mistakes people make when diffusing, especially when pixie diffusing is trying to force all your hair into the diffuser cup at once. This is a big no-no with any diffusing technique as you will be preventing each section from drying properly. Plus, you are creating a ton of frizz with all that hair rubbing against each other. Try to work in small sections as you diffuse. You can start from the front and work your way to the back. 

3. Fluff After Diffusing

Fluffing your curls after diffusing is a great way to break up any cast that has been created by your styling products. It will also help create more volume but try not to overdo it. Just use your finger to gently separate a few curls and make sure the hair is completely dry before doing this. 

4. Dry Your Roots First

Unless you want to end up with frizzy hair, drying your roots first is always a good idea. For one, your roots are often the fullest part of the hair, so they take longer to dry. Plus doing so will reduce frizz since your diffuser will be blowing air downward along the grain of the cuticle instead of against it.  

5. Squeeze Out Excess Liquid Before Diffusing 

To speed up your drying time, you can gently squeeze out any excess liquid from your hair before diffusing. This is especially important if you style on completely wet hair as you don't want to spend over an hour drying your hair and exposing it to excess much heat. There is no need to scrunch at this stage as that can cause frizz. Simply squeeze down the hair shaft from roots to ends. 

6. Do Not Touch The Hair After Applying Styling Products

Once your hair has been coated with gel, mousse, or curling cream. Please keep your hands out of your hair to avoid disrupting the curl definition and causing frizz. Your hair needs to be properly set with the styling products and any touchy-feely movements from you are just going to make it hard for it to do that. 

7. Add Motion

Instead of leaving your hair in one position while you diffuse, incorporate a little side to side and back and forth movement while diffusing. This will keep your hair from drying and staying stuck in one position while giving it more body and bounce. 

Diffusing can make a big difference to the appearance of your curly hair in so many different ways and as we've highlighted in this post, not all diffusing methods are the same. So, try out a few different techniques and see which one your hair loves. Don't hesitate to combine more than one technique to get the perfect balance of volume, definition, and elongation. 

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