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10 Stunning Protective Styles For Short Natural Hair

10 Stunning Protective Styles For Short Natural Hair




Alright, curl friends, by now we can all agree that protective styles are an amazing way to maintain the health of your natural hair–plus, they look incredible. But, when you have short hair, it can sometimes feel like you have limited styling options and that is where most people get it wrong. The beauty of natural hair is it's versatile, you can get creative with different looks even if your hair is short. 

In this article, we've put together a stunning collection of protective hairstyles for short hair that will have you rushing to your next styling session. Whether your hair is in the TWA phase or you've just gotten a major haircut, we've got hairstyles to suit everyone. So, read ahead to discover the ideal look for you.

What Is A Protective Style?  

If you are newly natural and unfamiliar with most natural hair lingo, you may be wondering what a protective style is. Well, it refers to any hairstyle that keeps your hair strands neatly tucked away to keep you from having to constantly manipulate it and expose it to environmental aggressors. This will keep your hair “protected” from dryness, damage, and tangles that could derail its health. 

Essentially, the goal of a protective style is to keep you looking cute while ensuring your hair remains healthy. So, it is a wonderful addition to any hair routine. 

How To Grow Natural Hair With Protective Styles 

If you are trying to grow your short natural hair, you're in luck because, with protective styles, you can! Protective hairstyles are a major game changer for growing long hair because as we explained earlier, they keep the hair safe from damage. This in turn allows you to retain length since there will be almost no breakage and your hair can grow longer. with protective styles, you can notice up to half an inch to one inch of hair growth in a month. But, if you want this length retention, you must include a few steps in your routine. 


  • Moisturise: Keeping your hair moisturised before, during, and after protective styling is very important. Natural hair is prone to dryness, so you never want to give it the chance to get brittle even in a protective style. Spray the hair with our Everyday Curl Refresh Spray 1-2 times a week to replenish your curls or use our Manuka Honey Leave-in Conditioner if you want something slightly thicker. 


  • Oil Your Scalp: To boost your hair growth, it is super important to apply an oil like our Strengthening oil on your scalp a few times a week. This will not only prevent your scalp from becoming dry and itchy but it will also provide the nourishment needed to keep your hair and scalp at optimal health for growth. 


  • Deep Condition: Before installing your protective style, always make sure to use Sofnfree's Manuka Honey & Avocado  Deep Conditioning Hair Mask. This is especially important since the hair will be mostly away for a while and will likely not get proper nourishment until you take down the hairstyle. So deep conditioning will strengthen and moisturize the hair. 


  • Shampoo Regularly: You will also need to wash the hair consistently. Your hair grows out of your scalp so the last thing you want is a dirty and unhealthy scalp. Try to wash the hair once every two weeks with our Hydration Shampoo to maintain a clean scalp. Even if you intend to wear a protective style for up to a month, you can still wash your hair when needed. Just focus the shampoo on your scalp and not your actual hair strands and you will be able to maintain your hairstyle while getting a good cleanse on your scalp. 


  • Stick With Healthy Protective Styles: We've already established that protective styles are amazing, but there is a right and wrong way to do them if you really want to grow your hair. Super tight styles that put a lot of tension on your scalp are not really protective as they ultimately cause more harm than good. So try to avoid them. Instead, stick with hairstyles that are not overly tight and heavy. 

10 Protective Styles That Are Perfect For Short Hair 


1. Mini Twists 

Mini twists are an amazing hairstyle for short hair. They are basically regular two-strand twists that are made with very tiny sections of hair. This hairstyle gives the hair a voluminous appearance and if you have short hair, volume should definitely be your main goal. These twists can also last up to six weeks but you'll need to wash and condition with our Hydration Shampoo and Moisture Rich conditioner to maintain them. 

2. Chunky Braids With Twisted Bangs 


Need a quick last-minute hairstyle you can wear from day to night? Pull your hair into two chunky braids and secure them with a Bobby pins. Then, include some twisted bangs in the front sections for extra flair. You'll need our Coconut Oil & Jamaican Black Castor Oil Curling Creme to hydrate your curls and keep the twists juicy. 

3. Cornrow Bun


If you are having a hard time putting your hair into a neat bun, you'll love this cornrow bun combo. The elegant cornrows in the front will save you the hassle of trying to force all your hair to fit into one bun. Be sure to use our Curl Elongating Gel to sleek down your hair and help this hairstyle last longer. 

4. Bantu Knots 


Bantu Knots are another amazing protective style for short hair. This hairstyle requires your hair to be at least 4 inches and above to get the perfect stacked look but you can incorporate some hair extensions if you'd like. 

5. Flat Twists 


Want to rock both cornrows and twists all in one look? With flat twists, you absolutely can. Just apply some of our Manuka Honey leave-in Conditioner to keep the hair from getting dry and frizzy. 

6. Locs 


Locs are more of a semi-permanent hairstyle since they can not easily be taken down after installation. But they are still an amazing protective style for those on a busy schedule who do not want to deal with their hair all the time. All you need to maintain this style is a little spritz of our Everyday Curl Refresh Spray 2-3 times a week. 

7. Rubber Band Braids With Mini Fro


This gorgeous style is perfect for those in the TWA stage but you can also wear this look with slightly longer hair. Just make sure your curls are defined with our Curling cream. You also can style your edges with some swoops and swirls using our Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater Gel. 

8. Straight Back Cornrows 


Is there anything more iconic than neatly done straight-back cornrows? Simple and sophisticated, this timeless hairstyle looks incredible on any length of hair but it is especially perfect for short hair. 

9. Box Braids 


Having short hair doesn't mean you can’t experiment with long hair every now and then. If you want hair that flows down your back while you wait for your own length to come in, just grab some hair extensions and rock box braids. This is a super versatile look that can be done in just about any colour, size, length, and design you want. So have fun and get creative. 

10. Fade Cut With Braids


 If you are an edgy girlie who is looking to switch up their look with something fun and exciting, shave the sides of your hair and rock a fade cut. Take things up a notch by putting the rest of your hair in box braids. This look is so cool, you're guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. You can even dye the hair if you are feeling a little fancy but make sure you deep condition with our Manuka Honey Deep Conditioner beforehand to strengthen your hair and prevent any damage and dryness from the colouring process.  

Now, this look requires you to get a haircut so it may not be the best option for those trying to grow their hair but if you love rocking your short hair at all times, then go for it. After all, the hair will always grow back. 

Having short hair does not limit your styling options at all, and protective styles provide an endless list of looks to choose from. So, feel free to get creative with your curls and coils. Try out some of the hairstyles we have highlighted in this post and your hair will not only thank you for the TLC but your day-to-day look will also get a much-needed upgrade. 

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