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Baby hairs 
Baby hairs are the fine, wispy hairs that grow along the hairline and forehead 

Banding is a styling technique used to stretch out the hair without using heat. The method involves using hair bands or scrunchies to create sections along the length of the hair, which are then secured tightly with the bands. This technique can help to reduce shrinkage and create a smoother, mroe elongated hairstyle

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a hairstyle for curly or coily hair that involves dividing the hair into small sections and twisting each section into a tight coil or knot against the scalp which can be secured with a bobby pin 

Big Chop
A haircut  to remove damaged or chemically straightened ends to transition to naturally curly hair.

Bounce is the level of springiness or elasticity that the hair has. When curly or coily har has a good bounces, it means that the hair strands are able to retain their natural shape and  curl pattern.

 Hairstyle achieved by braiding damp or moist hair in cornrows or single braids and after it drys the hair is unraveled to reveal a more defined curly hair

Bra-Strap Length
Is the length of the hair when it reaches down to the level of the bra strap at the back.

Occurs when the hair breaks due to exessive heat styling, over-manipulation of the hair, harsh chemical treatments and a lack of moisture 

Layer of product resiude that accumulates on the hair and scalp. It can cause scalp irritation and hair breakage.



Using a deep cleansing shampoo to remove buildup from the hair &  scalp

This is when the hair naturally forms into groups or clusters to form bigger curls or coils

A term used to describe the texture of natural type 4 hair

A braided hairstyle where the hair is braided closely to the scalp

Co-wash is using a conditioner to cleanse & moisturise the hair in between clarifying. It is done to help perserve natural oils in the hair, which can be stripped way by harsh shampoos

Crown is the area at the top of the head where the hair naturally parts and grows outward in a circular pattern.

Crunch refers to the feeling of stiffness or hardness in the hair that occurs when using gels

Curl Cast
Curl cast is the firm, gel-like coating that forms around the hair shaft as curls dry, created by a styling product to define and hold the curl's shape.

Curly Hair
Curly hair is a hair type that is characterized by a distinctive curl or coil, ranging from loose waves to tightly coiled ringlets, formed by the shape of the hair follicle.

The cuticle, is the outermost layer of the hair, acts like shingles on a roof and overlaps to protect the hair. It plays a crucial role in retaining moisture within the hair shaft.


Deep Condition
A moisturising and a reparing treatment to help improve overall health and appearance of the hair, reduce breakage and split ends, and improve the hair's ability to retain moisture. This can be done after cleansing, and can be left on for 15-30 minutes.

The amount of hair growing on the scalp per square inch. Ranges from low to high 

Detangling is the process of gently removing knots and tangles from the hair using a comb, brush, or fingers.

Diffuse /Diffusing
Using a diffuser attachment on a hair dryer to dry your curls or coils while perserving the natural curl pattern and reducing frizz

Trimming only the very tips of the hair strands to remove split ends and promote healthy growth without sacrificing length 


This is the ability of hair strands to stretch and then return to its orignial shape without breaking or losing its natural curl pattern

The process of loosening the curl pattern with products or styling techniques 


Fine Texture
Fine hair strands have a smaller diameter and are typically more delicate and prone to breakage. 

Finger Coiling
A styling technique that involves twirling small sections of hair around the fingers to encourage the hair to form natural or defined curls. This technique is often used on hair that is natural curly or coily and used by people who are transitioning.

The use of fingers or a pick to add volume and shape to curly & coily hair.

Flat Twist 
A protective styling technique where the hair is two-strand twisted flat.

The hair strands that are lifted and separate from the rest of hair; creating a halo of hair around the head.

"Fro" is a hairstyle where the hair is worn in its natural, unstraightened state, and is typically styled to create a full, rounded shape around the head.


A styling product that is used to provide hold and definition to curls. Typically applied to wet or damp hair. 

This is a hairstyling product that has a gel-like consistency, which is used to provide hold and definition to the hair 


Hair Type 
Hair type refers to the natural shape and pattern of the hair strands. The most common hair typing system used for curly hair is the Andre Walker Hair typing system, which categorises hair into four types: Type 2: Wavy hair, Type 3: Curly hair, Type 4: Coily hair and Type 1: Straight hair. Within each hair type there are sub-categories based on the texture, density and porosity of the hair.

Heat Damage
Heat damage is damage caused to hair due to excessive heat styling, resulting dry, brittle hair that is prone to breakage.

Heat Protectant
A product designed to protect the hair from damaged caused by heat styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. Usually contains ingredients that coat the hair and form a barrier between the heat styling tool and the hair shaft, reducing the amount of heat that peentrates the hair and minimizing the risk of damage.

High Porosity 
This type of hair absorbs moisture quickly but also loses it quickly. As a result of this hair tends to be prone to dryness, breakage, and damage. This hair type can also have difficulty retaining moisture and may require frequent deep conditioning treatments. 

Humectants are substances that add moisture to the hair, helping to keep curls and coils hydrated & moisturised. Examples of humectasnts are Glycerin, Aloe Vera and Honey.

 The process of adding moisture to the hair to help it maintain its natural curl pattern and prevent dryness, breakage, and other forms of damage.


Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a thick oil that can be used to seal or retain moisture in the hair. To avoid buildup on the upper hair strands, it is recommended to apply the oil primarily to the ends of the hair.

Jojoba Oil
A natural oil that penetrates the hair shaft, helping to strengthen and protect the hair. It can be used as a a sealent to lock in moisture, or as a pre-shampoo treatment to help reduce the buildup of product on the scalp.


Kertain is a protein often used in hair care products to strengthen and protect hair strands. 

Another word used for moisturizer; product that adds moisture to the hair; humectants in hair products help draw moisture from air into hair shaft This is an ingredient used in moisturizing products to draw moisture from the air to retain it for your hair. Some of the most commonly used humectants are honey, aloe vera, and glycerin.


LCO method stands for "Liquid, Cream, Oil" and refers to the order in which products are applied to the hair. First apply the liquid, cream product second and then the oi product as the final step. This method is known to be effecitve in keeping curly and coily hair hydrated and reducing frizz. / LOC Method is a moistursing technique that involves applying a liquid (such as water or a leave-in conditioner), then an oil and finally a cream to help lock in moisture. The acronym stands for liquid, oil, cream.

Leave-In Conditioner
A leave-in conditioner is a lightweight, product that is designed to provide additional moisture, detangling and nourshing benefits to the hair whil also helping to reduce and enhance curl definition. This product come in different forms, such as sprays. creams, and lotions and can be used on a daily basis as part of  a curly hair care routine.

A hairstyle in which small sections of the hair are twisted, and eventually the strands become permanetly locked in place. As the locs grow, they can become considerably length. 

Low porosity hair
Low porosity hair is hair that has a tightly closed cuticle layer that makes it difficult for moisture & products to penetrate the hair shaft. The hair also tends to take longer to dry and can be prone to product build up.


A styling product that comes in a foam form and is used to add volume, define curls, and provide hold without weighing down the hair


Natural oils that can be applied to the hair to add moisture shine, and mangeability. Can also be used as a sealent. Common oils used are Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil and Argan Oil.


Parabens are a type of preservative that help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. They are often listed on ingredient labels as methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben or ethylparaben.

A style where the hair is worn in a high loose ponytail on top of your head. Commonly worn as a protective overnight style to preserve the curls. Wearing a silk or satin bonnet wll help reduce friction and potential breakage 

This process involves gently bending forward from the waist and wrapping the hair in a clean t-shirt or soft cotton material. This is usually done after washing, conditioning, and applying styling products such as gel or cream. By absorbing excess moisture from the hair, this method is believed to reduce frizz, speed up drying time, and enhance the definition of natural curls.

This is a styling product that is used to add shine, and hold to the hair. It is usually a thick or waxy substance that can range from light to heavy hold. It can be used on all hair types. 

Porosity is the hair's capacity to absorb and retain moisture and chemicals. Porosity type includes low, medium or high 

Praying Method
A technique used to apply hair products to the hair in a way that promotes curl definition and minimises frizz. This involves applying product to the hair in small sections, raking through with fingers, and then bringing hands together in a praying position over the section of hair and gently pressing them together.

Pre Poo
This includes applying an oil or conditioner before shampooing to help the hair maintain moisture during the drying shampoo process

Protective Styles
A style that requires little to no manipulation. This style keeps your ends protected and tucket away from elements sun,heat, cold & wind)

An Ingredient found in hair products that can strengthen and fortify the hair strands by penetrating the hair shft and binding to the hair. 

Protein Treatment 
Protein treatments are used to replenish the nutrients lost through chemical processing & manipulation. This should be used one a month 

a "puff" is a hairstyle where the hair is pulled back and secured at the crown of the head, leaving the curls or coils to fall freely around the head.

"PVP" stands for "Polyvinylpyrrolidone," which is a water-soluble polymer commonly found in hair styling products. PVP can help to hold hair in place and create a desired style, but it may also cause dryness and damage to curly and coily hair if used excessively.


A hairstyling technique , in which the fingers are used to separate and define individual curls or coils. This is achieved by using a product such as a leave-in conditioner or stylling gel, and running the fingers through the hair to distribute the product evently and separate the curls.

A consistent routine that includes hair care practices such as cleansing, conditioning, moisturising and styling among others with the goal of maintaining healthy and well-defined curls or coils.


A hairstyle technique whereby sections of hair are divided into two smaller sections and then wound around each other. The last half-inch or so of each twist is left loose and twirled around the index finger into a coil. 2-Strand Twists can be worn as a hairstyle in and of itself or the twists can be carefully released when dry (Twist-Out) for a look that's fuller, yet with a well-defined coily/wavy texture

Sealing is applying an oil or butter-based product to the hair after moisturising  to help lock in moisture and prevent dryness 

This styling method is commonly used when doing  Wash n' Gos. It involves the generous application of curl cream or curl gel on freshly cleansed, soaking wet hair. Small sections of hair are then smoothed between the thumb and forefinger, in a downward motion from the roots to the tips. The hair can be air-dried or dried using a hood dryer. Finally, the hair is gently fluffed to achieve the desired style.

A term used to describe the reduction of the visual difference in length once hair has dried 

Slip refers to the level of smoothness and slipperiness of a hair product when applied to the hair. Products with good slip can detangle the hair easily and smoothly, without causing breakage or pulling on the hair. 

Stretching is the process of elongating the hair strands to create a smoother and more stretched-out hairstyles, which can reduce shrinkage and make detangling easier.


Texture refers to the thickness, diameter, and pattern of individual strands of hair. It can be fine, medium, or coarse and the pattern can range from to curly to tightly coiled 

The process of growing out chemically treated or heat damaged hair to return to natural curls

Twist out

 A style created by two strand twisting the hair while wet or damp. The twists are unraveled once dry creating tight ringlets or large curls depending on how big or small the twists are made

Two strand twist
A hairstyle technique whereby sections of hair are divided into two smaller sections and then wound around each other. The last half-inch or so of each twist is left loose and twirled around the index finger into a coil. 2-Strand Twists can be worn as a hairstyle in and of itself or the twists can be carefully released when dry (Twist-Out) for a look that's fuller, yet with a well-defined coily/wavy texture.


The amount of lift and fullness in the hair. 


Wash n go

A wash n go is a hairstyle where the hair washed, conditioned and styled to enhance the naturalk curl pattern without the use of heat.