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How To Use Rosewater For Healthy Curly Hair

How To Use Rosewater For Healthy Curly Hair


If you have curly hair, you likely already know there are many different natural ingredients often used to keep your curls healthy. But have you ever heard of rosewater? This lovely, scented liquid has been used for centuries in many parts of the world for different purposes, but it also has amazing benefits for the hair. 

Never heard of it? Don't worry, in this article, we'll be revealing all there is to know about rosewater, including how to use it to keep your curls healthy and hydrated. 

What Is Rosewater? 

Rosewater is a natural elixir made from rose petals that have been steeped in water, allowing the release of the flower’s fragrance and essential oils. This wonderfully scented liquid dates back centuries and is said to have originated in Iran. these days it is a common wellness and beauty staple used in herbal concoctions and cooking in several parts of the world. But its benefits for the hair are what makes it so beloved in the curly hair community. 

Benefits Of Rosewater For Curly Hair

Hydrates The Hair 

Dryness is one of the biggest problems of anyone with curly hair and that is because the spiral pattern of the hair makes it harder for your natural oils to travel down the length of your strands. However, rosewater can help you kick dryness to the curb. It is a wonderful moisturiser that can hydrate and soften your curls and it also contains moisture-boosting vitamin E. 

Reduces Frizz 

Rosewater is also amazing at taming frizz on your curls. Frizzy hair occurs as a result of a combination of different factors, but dryness is one of the major reasons. With rosewater in your hair, your curls will receive the proper hydration they need to keep frizz at bay. You will also notice an increase in the shine of your hair when you use rosewater. 

Reduces Excess Oil 

It is very easy for excess oil on the scalp to turn into a bigger problem. When left unattended, this oil can increase product build-up and even cause issues like dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis of the scalp. If you are someone who suffers from an oily scalp, you'll love the astringent properties of rosewater. As a mild astringent, rosewater constricts the scalp and combats the overproduction of oil. This means you can use it as a defence against dandruff. 

Soothes The Scalp 

Healthy curls start from a healthy scalp and if you are looking to maintain the health of your scalp, rosewater is a great helper in that department. It contains a blend of Vitamins A, B3, C, and E, all of which are anti-inflammatory. So, it can help reduce any inflammation and itchiness that arise from other scalp conditions like dryness. 

Improves The Scent Of The Hair 

Rosewater also leaves the hair with a natural subtle fragrance that keeps your curls smelling like fresh cute roses. This makes it a great choice for those whose scalp may be sensitive to the artificial fragrances in many hair products.  

Additionally, rose water has been shown to help reduce stress, headaches, and tension–leaving you more relaxed and calmer. Seeing as stress is one of the biggest causes of hair loss and lack of hair growth, this means rosewater can literally save you from losing hair. 


How Often Should You Use Rosewater 

You can use rosewater as often as you'd like as long as your hair enjoys the benefits. It is a very versatile natural so there are several different ways to include it in your hair routine. Some people use rosewater almost every day on their curls while others find a way to incorporate it a few times a week. Just find what works for you. 

There are no known side effects to using rosewater consistently, so you do not have to worry about it affecting your hair. However, keep in mind that not everything performs the same way on everyone's hair. So, try to start slow and then work your way up. If you are using rosewater for the first time, opt for stylers like our Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater Curling Mousse or our Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater Curl Elongagin Gel. That way you get the benefits of the liquid without using it alone.  


How To Use Rosewater In Your Hair Routine:

  • Refreshing Your Curls: When your curls start to loose their bounce and shine around day four or five, you can use our Rosewater & Flaxseed Oil Curl Elongating Gel to refresh your hair. To do this, just spray the hair with a little bit of water and follow up with the gel. Make sure to scrunch or shingle your hair afterwards to better define your curls. Then dry the hair with a diffuser or blow dryer. The same refresh routine can be done using our rosewater-rich Curling Mousse if you prefer something more lightweight. 
  • Braid outs and Twist Outs: You can also incorporate our rosewater-rich Curling Mousse and Curl Elongating gel into your braid out or twist out routine. Both of these formulas will ensure you get the perfect definition and will also make your hair really shiny. You can use the gel if want long-lasting hold and more definition or stick with the mousse if you are more of a volume girlie.  
  • Refreshing Protective Styles: Another great way to enjoy the benefits of rosewater is to use a mousse like Sofnfree's Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater Curling Mousse to smooth down flyaways and frizz on your protective styles. If you box braids and goddess braids are starring to look a little rough and frizzy, simply spray the braids with our Everyday Curl Refresh Spray. Then divide the hair intl four sections and apply a generous amount of the Curling Mousse on each section. Make sure to smooth your fingers down gently when doing this as the goal is to keep the hair neat and prevent creating more frizz. 

Rosewater is an amazing natural ingredient that works wonders on curly hair. From targeting frizz and dryness to maintaining scalp health, it is very helpful for addressing many common concerns of people with curly hair. The great thing about it is that you can easily incorporate it into your weekly styling routine so be sure to get your hands on our So Defined kit to keep your curls looking flawless and enjoy the juicy nutrients of this amazing fragrant liquid. 

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