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How To Style Curly Hair For Festivals

How To Style Curly Hair For Festivals



Nothing is more enjoyable than gathering with friends to watch your favourite DJs or musicians play at festivals. You've purchased your outfit and ticket, but what about the most crucial component—your hair? You should choose a look that is easy to maintain and keeps your curls fresh and defined from day to night. If you’re going to live the festival life for more than a day or two, choose hairstyles that will last you for the entire duration or can easily be changed into another style using accessories. It is also best not to wear lengthy wigs or weaves that can cause a sweaty, itchy scalp. So, here are some ways you can style your curly hair for festivals without fuss, regardless of whether it lasts for more than a day.



Stay Effortless With Knotless Braids

Before leaving for several days of peace and music (and beauty), make life easier by scheduling a hair appointment with your stylist for knotless braids. This looser braided hairstyle is low maintenance, can flatter all face shapes, and can last up to six weeks with proper care. This protective hairstyle is especially useful when camping at festivals, as it can help you protect your curls and save time in the morning. This is because there are countless cute ways to style knotless braids, like halfway double buns, a half-up bun, double pigtails, or a simple side ponytail.

To prepare your hair for this braided style, use Sofnfree’s Leave-In Conditioner With Manuka Honey & Avocado Oil to seal as much moisture in your curls as possible after cleansing with our Hydration Shampoo and conditioning with our Moisture-Rich Conditioner.



Keep It Cool With Space Buns

While some UK festivals like Mighty Hoopla, Field Day, and Strawberries and Creem last for one day, other popular UK festivals like Wilderness, Latitude, Boomtown, or Isle Of Wight last for around three days and require you to camp overnight. This means you need to think about how you want to style your curly hair over a longer period before you go. For instance, space buns would also be an ideal hairstyle for a festival on day two or day three. It is also an excellent curly hairstyle if you opt for a simple wash’n’go on the festival's first day rather than braids. You can start creating them by reviving your curls with a light spritz of Sofnfree’s Everyday Curl Refresh With Coconut & Jamaican Black Castor oils. Then part your hair in the middle. Next, using a satin scrunchie, create ponytails or braids on each side of your head. Then, wrap them in a bun using another hair tie or scrunchie. 



Make A Statement With A Frohawk

If you do not fancy a braided style for your next festival appearance and are going for more than a day, you can still make your experience memorable with a frohawk on the first day. After using our sulphate-free shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner as part of your wash day routine, dry your hair gently using a microfibre towel. Apply a generous amount of our Curling Creme With Coconut & Jamaican Black Castor Oils to provide your curls or coils with more volume and bounce. Use your fingers to work this product through your curly hair from your roots to your ends to nourish and maintain your curls while in a frohawk. Then, make a ponytail at the back of your head and secure it with a hair tie to form the first part of your frohawk. Follow this procedure until you get to the front of your head. Then, fluff out each ponytail to give it a mini afro effect.

Festival hairstyles with half-ups are a whole vibe and are incredibly versatile. You can create this style with a half-braid, half-messy bun look. Start by sectioning your curly hair into three parts. Start braiding the main section at the nape of the neck and work your way down, fastening it with a hair tie. On top of your head, gather the two unbraided sections and form a loose bun. Using your fingers to make a little hole, wrap your braid around your bun and bring it up, over, and back towards the front of your head. When you reach the end of your braid, tuck it under your bun and fasten it with a bobby pin.



Use Accessories To Elevate Your Existing Curly Hairstyles

The secret to enhancing a traditional curly hair festival look is hair jewellery. This type of accessory can work on various hairstyles. It can also help you create a memorable day two or three festival hairstyle, especially if you went for a simple wash’n’go fro on the festival's first day.

Top tips: Don’t have the time to braid a crown? Get a braided headband. Also, any festival hairstyle still needs accessories like hair tinsel or hair glitter so that your hair can live its best life. These simple accessories look stunning when worn on a simple wash’n’go or incorporated into other hairstyles like braids. You can also enhance your baby hairs with hair gems carefully positioned around them.

Make 2023 the year that you enjoy the summer sun and the positive atmosphere at a festival, whether it’s one you enjoy with your family or friends. Festivals are like your own Met Gala, so it's the perfect excuse to step up your creative hair game to ooze glitz and glamour. The experience is all that matters, so try not to stress out too much if your curly hair isn't quite right. But if you want to feel like you belong at a festival, remember to go big and accessorize if nothing else works, whether it's butterfly clips, glitter, hair gems, or hair stickers.

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