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How To Regrow Your Damaged Edges

How To Regrow Your Damaged Edges


We all love a good baby hair slay in the curly hair community. In fact, flawlessly styled edges are usually the cherry on top of many curly hairstyles. However, all that manipulation can leave the delicate hairs around your hairline feeling a little overworked. This often results in thinning and breakage of the hair around the edges and in some extreme cases, they can end up completely bald. 

But fear not curl friends, there are ways to regrow your snatched edges and we'll be revealing all you need to know in this article. Read ahead to learn about a few habits that will stimulate growth around your hairline and also help you prevent further hair loss in the future. 

What Causes Hair Loss Around The Edges

Too Much Tension On The Scalp

When styling their curls, many people often choose extremely tight styles that put too much tension on the scalp. This can cause irritation and inflammation of the scalp and over time, the hair shaft around the edges will weaken, leaving you with breakage and hair loss. 


It should come as no surprise by now that dryness is almost always a culprit in most issues relating to curly hair. It is a pain in our curly behind and the case is no different when it comes to thinning or bald edges. If your hairline is not getting enough moisture, the delicate baby hairs in that area will slowly start to split and gradually break off.  

Over Manipulation 

This is closely tied to the first reason we mentioned and that is because it has to do with the way we style our hair. When you are styling and tugging on your hair strands, you often forget that your edges have very delicate and often shorter hair that can not withstand too much strain and stress. Over time, the continuous pulling and tugging of those baby hairs will eventually lead to breakage and hair loss

How Long Does It Take For Your Edges To Grow?

We know you'd like nothing better than an instant fix to restore your edges back to their full glory overnight. However, that is not how hair growth works. Several factors can affect the rate at which your hair grows back. This includes the extent of the damage, genetics and even your diet. However, with the proper care and consistent dedication to the tips we will talk about. You can expect to start noticing an improvement in about 2-3 months.  


8 Ways To Thicken And Grow Your Edges

1. Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Hairstyles like sleek ponytails, tight braids and cornrows are one of the major reasons why your edges have been snatched away. These hairstyles create tension that can irritate the scalp and also cause the hair shaft to become weak and eventually fall off. So, your number one goal when trying to regrow your edges should be avoiding such hairstyles. Opt for looser styles like loose buns, knotless braids and jumbo cornrows that will not put as much tension on your hairline. You have also got to make sure your hair stays moisturised while you have these styles installed to minimise breakage during the take-down process. Spray your curls with our Everyday Curl Refresher 1-2 times a week to nourish and hydrate your style. 

Another great way to make sure your styles are not too tight is to smooth down your curls with our Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater Gel before doing your braids or ponytail. The gel will hold the hair in place and save you the stress of having to pull the hair into extremely tight sections to achieve a neat look. 

2. Keep Your Edges Covered Before Going To Bed

As we've already established, the hair strands around your hairline are often very soft and delicate. So, to keep them healthy and foster hair growth, you need to keep them well-protected and covered before you go to bed. Doing this will limit the possibility of your baby hairs rubbing against your bedding and creating excess friction that could result in further breakage.  

Cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf and when tying the scarf, make sure your edges are fully covered. If you find that a scarf does stay in place while you sleep, then try a bonnet. Whichever hair covering you choose; the most important thing is to make sure your hairline is well covered. 

3. Keep The Edges Moisturised

Whenever you are trying to grow your curls, you must always start with moisture as that is essentially one of the basics of healthy curls. The same thing applies to growing back your edges. If they are dry, they will break off very easily; regardless of what hairstyles you choose. To add moisture to your edges, work in a small amount of Sofnfree's Manuka Honey & Avocado oil Leave-in Conditioner 1-2 times a week. The honey will infuse the hair with long-lasting hydration while the avocado oil will help to seal in moisture and strengthen the hair strands. 


4. Massage The Scalp

Scalp massages have been shown in several studies to help improve the thickness and length of the hair. They do so by stimulating blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. So, incorporating a scalp massage into your weekly routine will definitely make a big difference around your edges. You only need to do it for about 10-15 minutes a few times a week to reap the benefits. However, you can also add a few drops of our Strengthening Oil to your edges before massaging the scalp to get the most out of the massage. With a nourishing blend of Biotin Liposome, Rosemary, Mint, Coconut, Baobab, and Jamaican black castor Oil, our oil will restore the hair's vitality and maximise your growth potential. 

5. Leave The Baby Hairs Alone

We know how much we curlies love to slay our baby hair with those photoshoot-worthy swoops and swirls. But, those slayed edges are part of the reason why your edges have disappeared. Every time you use your edge brush to pull your baby hairs, you are over-manipulating and a ton of pressure on your already delicate hair strands. So, on your journey to regrowing your hairline, it may be time to take a break from overstyled edges. Doing so will allow the hairs in that area to flourish and retain more length.  

Most people are probably used to always having perfectly laid edges, but this is your chance to embrace the natural unruliness of your curls. Know that they do not always have to be tamed to be perfect. Alternatively, you can apply ample amounts of our Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater Curling Mousse to your edges with your fingers to smooth down the hairs and make your edges neat.  

6. Eat A Nutrient-Rich Diet

Now, we know this may sound cliche, but hair growth starts from within. If you want your edges to grow and remain healthy, then you must also feed your body with the right nutrients. The body carries a lot of the nutrients you consume to your scalp so, to promote hair growth, make sure you are eating food like nuts, fish, eggs, and legumes which are rich in proteins and omega-3 fats. These will enrich the body with biotin, vitamins B, E, and A, all of which help to improve hair growth.  

You can also incorporate leafy greens and avocados for an additional source of hair-boosting vitamins. 

Hair loss around the edges occurs as a result of breakage and poor styling habits. But thankfully, with a little extra care and healthy haircare habits, you can reverse the damage. Whether your hairline is completely bald or simply thinning, as long as you religiously follow the steps we've highlighted in this post, you can get back on track to achieving fuller, healthier curls. 

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