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How To Protect Curly Hair Overnight

How To Protect Curly Hair Overnight

Curly hair–It's textured, bouncy, big, and beautiful. But sometimes it can also seem to have a life of its own. Seriously, if we asked how many times you have gone to bed with perfectly gorgeous curls at night, only to wake up with a frizzy dry mane by morning, we know your answer would probably be: multiple times. 

Well, curl friends, that is one of the many unique traits of curly hair. It requires a little night-time protection to help you maintain volume, shine and definition. This is why we're spilling all our night-time hair secrets in this post. If you've been wondering how to protect your curly hair during the night, keep reading to get all the details. 


7 Ways To Protect Your Curly Hair Overnight:

1. Wear A Satin Bonnet:

To keep your curls from rubbing against your beddings, wear a satin bonnet. This is extremely important as the cotton and linen fabric used to make most beddings have a slightly rough and absorbent surface that can easily pull moisture from your hair while increasing frizz and leaving you at risk of breakage. A satin bonnet will help prevent frizz and dryness and also help your curls last longer. If you have long hair, wrap the hair around your head and secure it with some Bobby pins before wearing your bonnet. 

2. Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase:

If keeping your hair covered with a bonnet is not your vibe, then opt for a silk pillowcase. Unlike cotton or linen pillowcases which pull moisture from your hair and also increase frizz, a silk pillowcase does not absorb any moisture from your hair and will prevent friction and help maintain the shape of your curls. 

3. Put Your Hair In A Pineapple: 

Putting your hair in a pineapple updo is another great way to protect your curls while you sleep. This updo style will keep the ends of your hair from being compressed and flattened. It can also help improve the volume of your hair at the roots. To pineapple your hair, use a satin scrunchie to put all your curls into a loose ponytail at the top of your head. If your hair is short and hard to put in a single ponytail, divide the hair into 2-3 sections and secure each section with the scrunchie. 

4. Try Twists And Plaits:

Putting your hair in loose twists and plaits is another great way to preserve your curls overnight. This is especially helpful for those with short to mid-length hair as it keeps your curls defined and elongated. However, it is very important to avoid twisting or braiding too tightly as that can mess up your curl pattern and take longer to loosen in the morning.  

Additionally, if you are dealing with day 4 or day 5 hair that is starting to lose its curl definition and shape, you can apply a little bit of our Curl Elongating Gel to further define and refresh your curls before you put in the twists or braids.

5. Use The Banding Method:

If you want to maintain your curls overnight while also minimising shrinkage, the banding method is the perfect way to protect your curls. By wrapping the full length of your hair with a silk scrunchie or hair tie, you will be giving your curls a slight stretch while also keeping them from getting frizzy while you sleep. Apply a dollop of our Manuka Honey Leave-in Conditioner to replenish your hair with moisture, then divide the hair into four sections. Grab a scrunchie or hair tie and gently wrap the hair from the root to the ends. To further protect your curls, tie a silk scarf after banding. 

6. Apply Some Oil To Your Ends:

Applying Sofnfree’s Hair & Scalp Oil to the ends of your hair is a great way to prevent them from losing moisture while you sleep. The oil will seal moisture into your curls and reduce friction and frizz while you sleep. It will also improve the shine and softness of your hair in the morning 

7. Sleep On Your Side:

Sleeping on your side is one of the most underrated tips for maintaining your curls overnight. The weight of your head can flatten your curls and increase frizz when you sleep on your back but sleeping on your side protects your hair from frizz and loss of definition. 


4-Step Morning Refresh For Curls After Sleeping:

If your hair is properly protected at night, you generally do not need to do too much to it in the morning. However, to avoid getting the weirdly shaped bed hair that occurs when curly hair has been pressed down into a single position, here is an easy morning routine to help refresh your curls. 

1. Release Your Curls:

When you wake up, chances are your hair will be in some sort of protective state like a pineapple, twists or tucked into a bonnet. Let the hair out to release your curls. 

2. Let it settle:

Curly hair has a tendency to take the shape of any style you set it in. So, if your hair has been in pineapple or pressed into a bonnet, it will likely be set into a weird shape when you first let it out. To get your curls back in the right shape, wait about 10-15 minutes for gravity to do its thing and let your curls fall and settle. 

3. Rehydrate:

If your curls feel a little dry, spray some of our Everyday Curl Refresh to rehydrate your them. Be sure to avoid using too much of the refresh spray to prevent the hair from being too wet. All you need is a light spritz for your full head of hair.  

4. Fluff:

After hydrating your curls, you can scrunch and fluff a little bit to encourage more definition and volume. Apply a few drops of our Hair & Scalp Oil to your fingers while fluffing to help prevent frizz. Then finish off your refresh routine by flipping the hair side to side to improve the bounce and shape of your curls and you're ready to take on the day.  

Adopting an efficient nighttime routine for your curly hair is key to maintaining healthy hair and waking up to frizz-free curls. By following the techniques discussed in this article, your curls will remain intact, and your hairstyles will last longer. Using quality products during your styling process is also essential if you want long-lasting curls so be sure to style your hair with our Styling Bundle for flawless shiny curls. 

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