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How To Moisturise Your Curls, The Right Way

How To Moisturise Your Curls, The Right Way


Why your curls need moisture

Moisturising your curls is simply the process of adding water or other liquids to your hair. If you are a fellow curly girl, you will have heard multiple blogs, gurus and influencers talking about how moisturisation is key to happy and healthy curls, and they are right!

Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair. This is because the curls and coils make it harder for the scalps natural oils to work their way down the hair shaft to coat and moisturise each strand. Brushing and manipulating the hair would help to distribute these oils, however, out of fear of disrupting the curl pattern, most curlies would choose to miss this step, allowing the curls to dry out quickly.

It is why you will hear your straight-haired friends complain of oily hair after only 3 days, and why you will find yourself complaining of your curls feeling dry and frizzy instead.

Consistently dry curls will lead to your hair strands becoming brittle leading to breakage and frizz. Therefore, keeping your curls moisturised is vital to prevent this and encourage growth, ultimately leaving you with healthy and luscious hair.




The right way to moisturise your curls:

Water FIRST!!

The best form of moisture for your curls will always be water! If your hair is feeling dry, then your first pick should be to apply water. Not only will this nourish your curls but it will also help your other products to apply and work better. Applying your styling products onto wet hair will allow maximum penetration into the hair strand.




Regularly use Deep Conditioners

Deep conditioners are designed to provide a maximum boost of moisture to your hair. Most deep conditioners are designed and marketed for dry, damaged, or transitioning hair, but even healthy curly hair can benefit from regular deep conditioning treatments due to its multiple benefits. 

Deep conditioners contain ingredients with low molecular weight. These ingredients penetrate the hair, nourishing between the cuticles, within the cuticle layers and/or within the cortex. Be sure to incorporate a deep conditioner into your regular wash regime.




Product layering ‘correctly’

Many people make the mistake of slapping on tons of product to try and control their frizz, however this can easily lead to product build up and limp curls. Instead, the focus should be on using good products in the right way and the right order.

Common layering methods that aim at maximising moisture retention are the L.O.C. (leave-in, oil, cream) and the L.O.C.G. (leave-in, oil, cream, gel). The key to these methods is that the layer of moisture (leave-in) is effectively sealed in by two products which are both excellent sealants.

By using oil followed by a thicker, heavier butter-based moisturizer on top, you are ensuring that as much moisture as possible remains on the hair shaft which is beneficial for curlies who struggle to maintain moisturized hair.

The Sofnfree Natural Hair range is the perfect combination for this type of product layering. The leave-in conditioner, curl crème and curl-elongating gel are all made using the gentle moisturising power of natural plant oils meaning they provide maximum moisture without harming the hair in anyway. They work wonderfully together to create defined, frizz free and soft curls.


Be consistent

Keeping a regular and consistent routine is the key to maintaining hydrated curls. You can have a great wash day, but if you walk away and don’t look at your curls again for another week you will be right back to where you started.




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Written by Ella Moysi

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