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Four Tips For A Summer Curly Hair Wash Day Routine

Four Tips For A Summer Curly Hair Wash Day Routine



Fortunately, you don’t have to use expensive products or go through several steps to have the ideal summer wash day routine for your curly hair. To make sure that you enjoy the long summer days rather than worrying about the effects it can have on your curls, simplify your wash day process with our four easy tips. These steps are focused on restoring moisture to your curly hair so that it can flourish throughout the summer season.

Aim To Moisturise As You Cleanse

The best wash day routine involves choosing the right products to clean and moisturise your curls, so you don't have to use many other products to retain healthier natural hair during the week. As the summer heat can dry your curls, using a shampoo that does not include sulphate, is hydrating, and restores strength to your dry curls during the summer heat is a fantastic idea.  For example, our Hydration Shampoo With Manuka Honey removes product build-up, is free of sulphates, and restores the scalp's natural balance; this is done without stripping our strands of their natural oils. If your natural hair needs more moisture during the week, opt for a co-wash instead, as it will cleanse and condition your curls simultaneously.


Practice Gentle Detangling In And Out Of The Shower

Many people would agree that slip and moisture are two important qualities to seek in a rinse-out conditioner. Slip makes detangling easier, while moisture can replenish whatever was lost when shampooing. Our Moisture Rich Conditioner With Manuka Honey & Avocado contains both of these elements and can also improve the body and shine of your curls.  


The warm summer weather causes people to sweat more than usual, which can cause their hair to become more tangled and matted. It is vital to tackle tangles with particular care when dealing with curly hair since, by its very nature, curly hair is more sensitive and delicate. Before resorting to a tool, manually untangle your curly hair as much as possible using your fingers.

After drying your curls with a microfibre towel, go for a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush through them gently. If you have extremely long hair, you should begin styling it at the bottom and work up to the top. Applying a detangling lotion before combing through curly hair is a worthwhile step to offer additional precaution against breakage.



Focus On Deep Hydration

Textures like curls and coils are naturally dry and are hungry for moisture. Regular deep hydration treatments are vital to restoring moisture to the hair to repair the damage caused by the heat in the summer.

You can keep the deep conditioning process simple by leaving your regular conditioner in your curly hair while performing a steam treatment or by adding a little oil to your strands along with the conditioner. Your cuticles will be smoothed out, and your hair will be protected from damage thanks to the steam treatment.

Maintaining your curls during the week remains vital; do this by giving them a quick infusion of moisture. If you wake up with frizzy hair, you may spray some water on it to refresh your curls. You can also use a styling mist like Sofnfree’s Everday Curl Refresh With Coconut & Jamaican Black Castor Oils that replenish the moisture in your curls during the week.


Adopt A Styling Product That Works For Your Curl Type

It is helpful to understand your curl type before choosing the best summer styling products for your hair. You may possess either of these three types of curls on your head: waves, spiral-like curls, or coils. Waves will benefit from a lightweight priming lotion, while spiral-like curly hair would require a gel to define them and seal them in moisture.

On the other hand, coily hair requires a styling product that conditions the hair while you style it. Because this form of hair can typically get very dry, it is essential to search for products that offer a significant amount of moisture, protection, and nutrition. If you have this type of curls, you could benefit from a styling butter or cream with a thicker consistency since this will nourish the hair and protect it from breaking.

A leave-in conditioner like ours with manuka honey & avocado oil can also provide sufficient hydration, hold, and definition (if you want) for a week's worth of coily hair. So, if you plan to use a leave-in conditioner, apply it before using a styling gel to achieve the best results. For instance, after using our leave-in conditioner to seal in moisture, our Curl Elongating Gel With Flaxseed Oil & Rosewater can stretch your curls naturally without using heating tools. 

Ultimately, your natural curls demand additional TLC throughout the summer months. Therefore, it is essential to commit some extra time to create a wash day regimen that focuses on maintaining moisture, gently detangling your natural curls, and styling them without applying too much heat. Keep in mind that no two people's hair is exactly alike, and with that in mind, we hope that the following steps will enable you to create your wash day regimen for magnificent summer curls.

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