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6 Things To Be Aware Of Before Getting Clip-In Hair Extensions

6 Things To Be Aware Of Before Getting Clip-In Hair Extensions


@Clarke Sanders

If you want longer, thicker hair in a matter of minutes, you need hair extensions. But some extensions, like sew-in hair extensions, can take a lot of time to install. Thankfully, clip-in hair extensions are quicker to apply and remove. But before you consider whether clip-in hair extensions are the best type, here are six of the most common things you need to consider.

Your Curly Hair Length

Your natural hair needs to be at least 6 to 7 inches long, around shoulder length, to blend in with the clip-in hair extensions. Also, if your hair is shorter than this, the clips will be challenging to secure. Most clip-in hair extensions will also come in a variety of lengths. The length you choose will depend on the look you want to achieve. For example, if you have shoulder-length hair, it would be best to go with a shorter length to create a more natural look. But if you have curly hair below your bust, a longer length with more volume and density will suit you. Lastly, think about your hair type when considering clip-ins. This is because as they get longer, they also get heavier, meaning that these heavier ones will not be suitable for fine, thin hair and to also make sure they match your hair texture.

The Difference Between Synthetic And Human Hair Extensions

Your choice to go for synthetic or human hair clip-in extensions will depend on your budget and the style you want to achieve. Human hair clip-ins can be dyed a darker shade, styled with heat, and washed and conditioned like you would for your natural hair. But they cost anywhere from £100 to £500. Synthetic clip-in hair extensions are cheaper, starting from £20 and going up to £90. But they have a shorter lifespan than human hair clip-ins, cannot be exposed to the sun for too long, and can be difficult to style with your curls.

Dyeing/Colouring Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you purchase human hair clip-in extensions, you need to think about the shade or colour you want before it is dyed. Be aware that dyeing your clip-in hair extensions a lighter shade will change the quality of the set purchased and reduce the time it lasts. Whether you ask a professional stylist to dye your extensions or do it yourself, try testing the dye on one section of the weft first to see whether you are happy with the results.


@Clarke Sanders 

Whether You Are Prepared To Take Care Of Them

If you treat clip-in hair extensions like your natural curly hair, they can last for a year and beyond. This means using a sulphate-free shampoo like ours with manuka honey to nourish and wash your natural hair. Then, follow it up with our Moisture-Rich Conditioner to seal in the moisture and make detangling your clip-ins easier. Lastly, our Leave-In Conditioner With Manuka Honey And Avocado Oil can help you retain smoothness, shine, and moisture that can be lost between wash days. In short, this means you will have to wash and condition two sets of hair.

Whether You Want To Curl Or Straighten Your Hair Extensions

Clip-In Human Hair Extensions can be curled, straightened, and styled just like you would do for your natural hair. But if you want to keep your clip-ins longer, use a heat protectant before applying heat. As well as using this form of protection and low heat, you could also try heatless forms of styling your clip-in extensions.

@Clarke Sanders

Your Lifestyle And The Health Of Your Curly Hair

While hair extensions allow you to experiment with your look, you might not want to cause damage to your natural hair. Clip-ins will be more suitable for you as they can be taken out rather than other types of taped or bonded hair extensions that cannot. Even more, if you enjoy exercising or swimming a lot like most of us, you will appreciate being able to take your clip-in hair extensions out rather than exposing them to sweat or chlorine.

However, clip-ins require a longer learning process than other hair extensions, as you need to know more about blending these wefts with your natural hair before you clip them in. Even more, clip-in human hair extensions are unsuitable for those who have damaged curly hair or undergone a big chop.

Clip-in human hair extensions can be cheaper and quicker to change your look. If you start with healthy hair, you also do not need to worry about clip-ins damaging your curly hair, as there is no long-term bonding, sewing, or adhesive. But, it is essential to be aware of this style's pros and cons and consider other styling options if clip-ins are not the best protective style for you.  

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